Fiona Brutscher

A global citizen with roots in Munich, Germany and West Cork, Ireland, Fiona has left pieces of her heart in Dublin, New York and Melbourne. When she isn’t out and about exploring the world, she loves reading and writing about it.


You write about travel, style and culture for amexessentials.com. What most inspires you about your subjects?
The recurring realisation that our world is full of amazing places, surprising discoveries and creative people. No matter how much you’ve seen, there’s always something or someone out there with the potential to blow your mind.


What kind of details do you look for?
The hidden ones, like the original inspiration behind a brilliant product, the secret ingredient in a deceptively simple dish, or the hard work behind the scenes that makes an event appear effortless.


Books or ebooks?
Books – especially trading the one I just finished for a dog-eared copy of a novel recommended by a fellow traveller.


Wine or beer?
I’m half Bavarian, half Irish – there’s no point in trying to fight such strong beer-loving genes.


Street food or fine dining?
Ideally, fancy street food. I appreciate sophisticated cuisine, but fragile glasses and white table cloths make me nervous.


Favourite place?
I keep discovering new favourites, but my two homes – Bavaria and West Cork – have a permanent place at the very top of any “best of” list.


Your secret travel tip?
Always chat to your taxi driver, tip your bartender and never rely on your smartphone when you can ask a local for directions.


Your three travel essentials?
Phone, passport, credit card. Everything else doesn’t qualify as truly essential.