Purnima Shrinivas

An independent lifestyle journalist and contributing editor for AMEX Essentials, Purnima covers global style, living and travel, as well as topics that focus on the Indian geography. At other times, you’ll find her on her mat, trying to find balance through yoga.


You write about a variety of subjects for amexessentials.com. What most inspires you about your subjects? 
I’m always looking to learn new and interesting ways to enhance everyday living – even the littlest aspects of it – and I tend to gravitate towards subjects that meet this desire. So whether it’s a technique I’m covering, a place I’m visiting, an expert I’m interviewing or a product I’m featuring, what I find most fascinating and inspiring is the story, the creativity and the process that lies behind.


What kind of details do you look for?
Any details that reveal a simple and original but clever or non-linear approach to solving an existing problem.


What’s the next big thing?
Earth version 2.0, alien life and beyond. It would be fascinating to see what lies ahead.


What website do you check first every day?
Hmm… that’s a tough one. I really don’t have a routine around websites. Variety is the spice of my e-life – so if it is Design Milk one day, it may be Stack Exchange the next day or even Amazon after that. What I check is usually a function of the state of my mind on any given day – these days I’m mostly looking for inspiration for a DIY project in my head or a real-life problem I’m trying to solve.


How do you relax?
Iyengar Yog–aahhh! You have to practise it to believe it – I swear by its blissful side effects. 


Film or TV?
A film on TV snuggling under a blanket on a cold winter’s evening.


Books or e-books?
Of course, books! Is there a question? Nothing beats the sensory appeal of one. And just for the record, I don’t own an iPad, Kindle or Nook 🙂


Wine or beer?
Neither. A fresh, cold-pressed, seasonal and locally sourced fruit juice – no added sugar.


Street food or fine dining?
A simple, healthy and wholesome home-cooked meal. Just knowing what goes into my food makes it appealing.


Favourite place? 
Bali, Indonesia – sitting cliffside, staring at the almost endless expanse of the Indian Ocean.


Your secret travel tip?
Any place you go, ditch the guided tours – do your research in advance, chalk up a slow-paced and comfortable itinerary, and venture out on your own with Google Maps as your guide. Walk around, rent a bike or take public transport – you’ll learn way more than you will from any guidebook and build memories to last a lifetime.


Your three travel essentials? 
Smartphone, power bank and a good book to escape the boredom of a long flight.


Your essential luxury? 
8 hours of restful sleep …and an uninterrupted one at that.