Evan Varsamis

Evan Varsamis is an entrepreneur, Founder/CEO at Gadget Flow Inc, Investor and Marketing Advisor at Qrator Ltd, Comet Core Inc and contributor for AMEX Essentials and Huffington Post. His work has been featured on Mashable, The Next Web, PCMag, Fortune and Product Hunt.


You write about gadgets for amexessentials.com. What most inspires you about your subjects?
I’m the founder and CEO of popular product discovery platform Gadget Flow Inc. We’ve been reviewing high-quality products since 2012, and I enjoy sharing our expertise with the AMEX Essentials community.


What kind of details do you look for?
The products we showcase and the products I write about on AMEX Essentials have some things in common: first and most, the high quality of the materials; secondly, the presentability of the product; and lastly, relevance and ease of use.


What’s the most unusual thing you’ve covered?
We have a whole section of unusual products that we cover on Gadget Flow, we call it “Never Seen Before”. It will definitely inspire you and make you say “whoa”.


What social media channel inspires you most and why?
Facebook. Because of its size and tremendous growth, it’s the best channel for personal and business use.


How do you relax?
I’m a gamer and fan of jazz, so I try to enjoy both at the same time 😀


Film or TV?
Both! I’m a fan of Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Walking Dead and definitely Billions.


Books or ebooks?


Wine or beer?
A good red wine.


Street food or fine dining?
Fusion sushi, which falls under fine dining I guess.


Favourite place?
New York City


Your secret travel tip?
Pack lightly, dress casual and get the most out of your day before you jump into the flight.


Your three travel essentials?
iPhone, backpack, water.