From job pressures to screen time and social media overexposure, the stressors of modern life are many. Lucky for us frazzled citizens of the 21st-century, however, technology can also play a role in relieving stress and anxiety. Here, we look at 7 clever gadgets that can help you relax, focus and ultimately live a healthier life.

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SQUEGG Smart Squeeze Ball
With this smart squeeze ball, you won’t just be relieving stress – you’ll also enhance your grip strength at the same time. Featuring a soft silicone cover, SQUEGG is light, portable and loaded with sensors that can tell you just how strong your grip is, delivering highly accurate results. Pairing with the app, you can use this device to measure your grip strength – and squeeze away your worries – every day.

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Reviv Affordable Eco-Friendly Weighted Blanket
Getting good, deep sleep on the regular is vital for relieving stress, and this eco-friendly weighted blanket may be your ticket to Snoozetown. After all, weighted blankets are gaining traction as a way to soothe anxiety and promote quality sleep. Reviv is filled with smooth glass beads sewn into square pockets that offer uniform weight distribution for maintaining a better sleep cycle. Additionally, it’s sheathed in an ultra-soft Lyocell bamboo cover and is thermoregulated to keep you comfy no matter the season.

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Aware Brain- and Body-Sensing Headphones
From heart rate to brainwaves, steps to distance travelled and even calories burned, these custom-fit headphones use biometric sensors to examine your everyday activity and help you easily track your progress over time, right in the app. By monitoring your brainwaves via EEG, Aware can analyse your stress levels and sleep patterns, allowing you to make informed choices that help you focus more, feel better and live a healthier life.

Shift Mindfulness Anxiety-Reducing Tool
Even the Komuso monks in 17th-century Japan recognised the benefits that slow, steady breathing can bring to the body and mind. Inspired by their techniques, this anxiety-reducing tool – disguised as a piece of jewellery – can help you shift your mindset and reduce anxiety. As Shift guides you along a 10-second controlled exhale, you’ll notice how slowing down your breath can actually help you alleviate stress and anxiety. Attached to a beautiful necklace, you can take it with you anywhere.

Speks Magnetic Desk Toys
Not just for sparking creativity, these magnetic desk toys can also help you relieve stress in a fun and relaxing way. Each set provides innumerable design patterns and colour combinations, allowing you to invent and reinvent as many creations as you want – boosting mindfulness and enhancing focus as you play.

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Umay Rest Thermal Meditation Device
We all know by now that too much screen time has negative consequences for our vision and mind. But if your job or lifestyle means you can’t avoid your devices, you can at least mitigate their adverse effects with this device that helps your eyes rest while relaxing your mind with natural meditative heat. End your day on a high note, and restore your eyes’ natural function.

Spire Health Tag Body & Mind Health Tracker
Did you know your clothes could monitor your health? Well they can with these tag trackers, which measure extensive metrics like steps, sleep and even mental well-being. Pairing with an app, Spire can give you a total overview of your body and mind. Waterproof, washer/dryer-safe and boasting a year and a half of battery life, you can attach this tracker to your most-worn clothes and (almost) never have to think about it again.

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