While we gift our friends and family with a lot of cool stuff every now and then, we often forget to do something for ourselves. So why not take a break from shopping for others and look for that one frivolous thing you really want, and absolutely don’t need…

Aura Silhouette LED Table Lamp
A 2D design with a 3D effect, this intriguing lamp design brings whole new definition to your workspace. The illusion is mesmerising while offering the perfect amount of light for your desk or table – the perfect add-on for any modern workspace.
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Digital Art Display by Electric Objects
The definition of art continues to evolve, but this Digital Art Display is nothing if not current. Complete with a bold black or white frame and internet connectivity, you can use this display to change your art with the seasons – or just according to your mood.
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elago M4 Vintage iPhone Stand
This stand will take you down memory lane while you enjoy viewing your mobile videos and content in a whole new way, adding a touch of vintage to your modern smartphone. If you feel that your phone needs a makeover, try going for this stand instead of a full-blown case.
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SPYNDI Transformational Furniture
It’s furniture you can design yourself! With each set containing over 70 wooden pieces, you can connect the shapes to create whatever structure you need, be it an armchair, a lounger or a coffee table. Let your imagination run free.
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Goat Mug – Coffee Mug with Straps
We tend to drink as much coffee as water on work days (don’t tell our doctor), but we don’t often consider the history behind those powerful beans. Legend has it that coffee was discovered by an Abyssinian goat herder, who noticed his livestock getting giddy after nibbling on some strange berries. He tried them for himself, shared the finding with a drowsy monk who was thrilled at finding a way to stay awake during prayers, and voilà: a few dried berries and some hot water later, coffee was born. Perhaps a bit strange to the uninitiated, this whimsical goat horn mug pays homage to the legend of coffee-making.
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Dino Pet Interactive Bioluminescent Light
A piece of living beauty, the light in this Apatosaurus-shaped micro aquarium comes from living dinoflagellates, a type of microscopic bioluminescent marine plankton. Requiring only sunlight, water and simple nutrients to survive (you feed them through a small opening every few weeks), these fuss-free pets will glow in the dark with a shake of their little aquarium. And when they do, it’s magical.
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Salt and Pepper Rocket Mill by Suck UK
Pepper mills don’t have to be run-of-the-mill. Take this fun design, for instance, featuring a rocket-shaped form that turns any kitchen table into Cape Canaveral. If this mini rocket can’t take off into space, at least you can use it to launch your dishes into the deliciousphere.
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Floating Record Vertical Turntable
Vintage aesthetics combine with contemporary application in this vertical turntable, using dynamic, full-range built-in stereo speakers to play your records vertically. On top of the impeccable sound, the turntable creates the illusion that the record is floating while it plays. Groovy.
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Ibis Volcanic Basalt Hanging Basket Chair
It’s not just a hanging chair for your room: it’s a conversation starter, and a visual beauty you can use to relax. This chair features volcanic basalt fibre as well as a natural resin, which together make a beautiful piece that allows you to spend some time off your feet.
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Levitating Air Bonsai Potted Plant
Having an indoor garden is great, but having an indoor garden that levitates is unbelievable. Not only would having one of these beauties on the living room table or by your bedside be an instant hit with house guests, but just watching the plant float in mid-air can be a form of meditation in itself.
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