Chanoa Tarle

Chanoa is an American freelance writer specialising in fashion, retail and luxury. The Style contributor and travel lover lives in Los Angeles, after spending much of the last decade in the Balkans.


You write about style for, what most inspires you about your subject? 
I have a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Merchandising from Miami International University of Art & Design, and I’ve loved fashion my entire life. Though it’s arguable whether fashion is an art form or not (haute couture certainly is), I view them in similar ways. I love the aspects of discovery, expression and exploration. Fashion is always relevant. It’s a reflection of who we are and a sign of the times.


How do you relax?
Give me a good book, a sandy beach or a Sunday crossword!


Film or TV?
Film. It can be painful to wait for the new season of a favourite series. It can also feel like way too much of a commitment to keep up.


Books or ebooks?
Paper – you can’t beat the scent of a physical book.


Wine or beer?
Wine… preferably champagne.


Street food or fine dining?
Fine dining is one of my favourite indulgences.


Your secret travel tip?
I lived in Montenegro for years and consider it my second home. It’s a teeny country, but it overflows with natural riches – from flamingo-frequented salt flats and awe-inspiring mountains to picture-perfect Adriatic beaches and historic fortresses. The food is amazing, and summers are particularly special.


Your essential luxury?
Living in LA! It’s worth every cent.