Gardening is one of the most universal of pursuits, appealing to all ages and demographics. More than that, it is currently enjoying a boom inspired by an online explosion of emerging gardening experts and influencers. Without these names, concepts such as ‘no dig’ and permaculture would still be battling for an audience.

To further inflame your horticultural passions and encourage you to move more of your life outdoors for the summer season, we present a compilation of 15 fun and informative articles centred on gardening and outdoor living. Reflecting a broad range of tastes and interests, these stories feature the unique insights of gardening experts, landscape designers and lifestyle influencers from across the globe.


The Perfect Late Summer Dinner Party

How better to mark the final dog days of summer than to plan an indulgent dinner party? We present four creative ideas to give your party an original and memorable twist, plus tips to ensure that you’ll still have fun even if the weather doesn’t play along with your plans…

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That Oven Feeling: Outdoor Ovens From Around The World

We’re guessing your barbecue game is already looking good as we head deep into summer, but how about broadening your outdoor cooking horizons? We explore some of the most distinctive outdoor oven traditions around the world, with tips on how to build your own.

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Life Al Fresco: Tips For Outdoor Cooking This Summer 

If you like to move your life outside in summer, we’re sure that applies to much of your food preparation as well. Here, we delve into the intricacies of outdoor cooking and al fresco dining to help inspire your culinary efforts this season.

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Salad Secrets: Food Bloggers Share Their Salad Recipes

Aside from your trusty barbecue, what more classic summer dish can there be than salad? Regardless of whether you love your greens or hate ‘em, prepare to be inspired as we reveal the salad secrets of the world’s leading food bloggers and vloggers, along with a host of fantastic recipes.

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Challenge Yourself: Learn To Forage

If you’re enthused by the abundance of summer produce as you explore the great outdoors – and perhaps have even already picked a berry or two – let us introduce you to the world of foraging. We explain what to watch out for and how to give nature a helping hand along the way.

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The Top 5 Principles Of Small Garden Design

Summer might be the time when your garden looks and feels its best, but for truly committed gardeners, it’s also the time when many start to finalise their plans on what to change or upgrade in the coming autumn and winter, ready for the next spring. To gather a bit of inspiration, we spoke to expert garden designer Julie Farris about the key principles of small garden design.

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Digging Deeper: The Top New Gardening Pioneers  

Even the most confident gardeners are still at the mercies of nature and the weather. Little wonder, then, that so many seek out the opinions and advice of fellow gardeners as well as established experts. We highlight some of the most original names making their presence felt in the YouTube gardening community.

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Meet The Makers: Small-Scale Farmer Valentina Stinga

Tending to their own corner of paradise – however large or small – is a comfort and delight for all gardeners. However, any ambitious gardener will recognise those nagging thoughts about what they could do if they only had a bigger garden. We spoke to small-scale farmer Valentina Stinga about her experiences thinking and gardening bigger.

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Seeds Must: Tips For Sustainable Gardening 

Most gardeners feel a deep connection to the soil and Mother Nature as they work their land. For many, this inspires a sense of responsibility to help protect and preserve the environment. We catch up with green gardening experts around the world to get their sustainability tips.

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Quiz: The Perfect Summer Garden Project For You

Still not sure about your next gardening endeavour? If that’s the case, then we admire your unhurried, unfussed gardening zen. However, if you’d like a helping hand, then our surprising personality test may just help guide you towards identifying your next big project.

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Going Al Fresco This Summer: Our Top Tips 

Sure, you might spend a lot of time outdoors already thanks to your cool sun lounger and smart barbecue, but have you considered moving more of your life outside? We present practical tips on how small changes could help you live, work, eat and even sleep outdoors in the warmer months.

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Build Your Own… Outdoor Summer ‘Cinema’

Have you considered al fresco entertainment as the next stage in your efforts to live more outdoors? Just imagine: your very own outdoor cinema with friends and family enjoying fun movie nights under the stars. The technology has never been cheaper or more accessible, as we reveal.

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Personal Growth: Become A Guerilla Gardener

You might have a garden of your own that inspires you, but what about all those other unloved, sad corners you see everywhere without any plants in sight? We explore the covert world of guerrilla gardening, and how followers hope it will make cities more beautiful – one plant at a time.

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Reconnect With Nature

Gardening is an obvious gateway to connecting better with nature, but it isn’t the only path. We reflect on the importance of getting closer to the natural world as a means of restoring one’s sense of physical and emotional wellbeing. Discover six simple steps to help you commune better with nature.

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Outdoor Living For Life

If you see gardening and outdoor living more as a lifestyle than a hobby, then you will know that there are few areas of life that can’t benefit from time spent closer to nature. We look at the subject in more detail and list some of the things you can do to commit more fully to life in and around nature.

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