Let our selection of travel-inspired music transport you to the streets of Paris, the jazz bars of New Orleans and the vibrant markets of Marrakech, among many other exciting destinations… Just follow your ears!


Josephine Baker: La Conga Blicoti
We know, we know, Paris has plenty of modern music to offer, but there’s nothing quite like the Paris of the Roaring Twenties. Josephine Baker was one of the superstars of the era, and the sound of her voice has the power to take you to the romantic streets of the City of Love in a heartbeat.

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Seeed: Dickes B
Berlin is known for for its techno and electronic scene, but when this hip hop/reggae classic comes on in the club, every Berliner goes crazy. Seeed’s members are proud sons of the German capital, and this is their tribute to their home town.

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Buenos Aires

Bajofondo: Bajofondo Tango Club
While tango’s sexy reputation is a foregone conclusion, Bajofondo has built on that and brought the genre slap into the 21st century. Their first album, Bajofondo Tango Club (2002), fuses drum ‘n’ bass, trip hop and tango, creating a distinct sound that’s just as fresh 13 years on.

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The Kinks: Waterloo Sunset
The Kinks are arguably the quintessential London band. Brought up in Muswell Hill in north London, so many of the songs penned by lead singer Ray Davies evoke images of the city, whether of suburban life or simply just ‘Terry and Julie’ (Terence Stamp and Julie Christie) meeting outside Waterloo underground station every Friday for eternity in the iconic “Waterloo Sunset”.

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New York City

Alicia Keys & Jay Z: Empire State of Mind
This one might seem kind of obvious, but if Jay Z isn’t the King of New York then no one is. This song is a modern classic in its own right and should be played right after you step out of the plane and catch your first glimpse of the Big Apple.

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The Cat Empire: Two Shoes
There’s a new guard bringing the Aussie drawl back to the charts. The Triple J Hottest 100 – Australia’s ultimate annual music countdown – increasingly features Melbourne bands like The Cat Empire, The Smith Street Band and Architecture in Helsinki, who sing ’em like they hear ’em.

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Garbage: Only Happy When It Rains
Let’s be honest: If you’re in Edinburgh for at least 24 hours, chances are it will rain at some stage. Keep in mind this Generation X anthem – voiced by Edinburgh-born Shirley Manson – and look on the bright side.

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Dan Mangan: Pine For Cedars
Born and raised in British Columbia, 2-time Juno Award-winning artist Dan Mangan’s albums feature songs about Vancouver and the West Coast, but also politics and robots.

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Majid Bekkas: African Blues
Majid Bekkas has spent his music career creating a rich fusion of traditional Moroccan Gwana music and jazz. The whirl of jazz rhythms melded with traditional Moroccan instruments is a pleasant sound you most likely haven’t heard before.

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Cape Town

Beatenberg: The Hanging Gardens of Beatenberg
This easy-listening pop album by Cape Town-born band Beatenberg is decidedly poppy, but it does have a distinctly African sound that will get you in the mood. Here’s the single “Southern Suburbs”.

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Rio de Janeiro

Novos Baianos: Mistério do Planeta
Tune into Brazilian rock legends Novos Baianos 1972 hit “Acabou Chorare”, a timeless classic that will aurally prepare you for the joyful spirit of this beautiful and beguiling city.

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Blind Pilot: 3 Rounds and a Sound
Indie music was pretty much invented in the Pacific Northwest, with bands like The Decemberists and The Shins hailing from Portland. Blind Pilot’s debut album, 3 Rounds and a Sound, encapsulates the folk-indie feel of the city that they waited tables and served coffee in before making it big.

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Coeur de Pirate: Comme des enfants
This Montreal native makes soulful music that captures the essence of Quebec’s largest city. With sweet lyrics that could make anyone want to learn French, “Coeur de Pirate” should be at the top of your travel playlist if Montreal is the destination of your next adventure.

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Black Joe Lewis: Come To My Party
Unlike a lot of musicians who live in Austin, Black Joe Lewis is actually from Austin. Lewis’ gutsy soul music makes it impossible to resist dancing – and if you’re lucky, he might just be playing when you’re in town.

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Mundhaarmonika: Schweben
You might be familiar with the oompa band music of Oktoberest, but if you want to get a feel for what Munich is like during the rest of the year, listen to this jazzy hip hop song that’ll guide you through the Bavarian capital.

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Kanye West: Homecoming
“If you don’t know by now, I’m talkin ’bout Chi Town.” Kanye’s ode to his home town is full of nostagia and a tinge of homesickness that any Chicagoan who has left can understand. If you want to get a feel for the Windy City, this is a good place to start.

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Hong Kong

Onra: Chinoiseries Pt. 2
French producer Onra loops and slices vintage Chinese and Southeast Asian vinyl samples into a venerable album of hip hop vignettes. For those looking for a unique take on Hong Kong’s cross-cultural identity, Chinoiseries Pt. 2 integrates the stylistic differences between the East and West and distils it into a melodic soundtrack that delivers in spades.

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New Orleans

Louis Armstrong: When the Saints Go Marching In
It’s a New Orleans classic that you’ll hear often, whether it’s because the Saints Football team is playing at home in the Superdome, or because Mardi Gras festival season has begun.

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Nana Mouskouri: Athina
Written by legendary Greek composer Manos Hatzidakis (Academy Award winner for Best Original Song in 1960 for “Never on Sunday”) and performed by Nana Mouskouri, “Athina” is a song dedicated to Athens, a hymn that extols the city’s beauty and history.

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Thin Lizzy: The Boys Are Back In Town
No other band captured the city’s transition from conservative island backwater to modern-day European capital more effectively than Thin Lizzy. Get in the mood for your trip to Dublin by listening to Phil Lynott, then pour one out for the late singer at Bruxelles Pub, where he has been immortalised as a bronze statue.

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