Paul Wheatley

British-born, but now at home in Munich, Germany, Paul is a writer and editor in a number of fields, ranging from travel and current affairs to history and sport. He writes for several newspapers, magazines and websites around the world.  


What’s the most unusual thing you’ve covered?
As a journalist and reporter, I cover everything from football and architecture to crime and catastrophes. The most unusual was experiencing and writing about the thousands upon thousands of people seeking asylum flowing into Munich’s main station in summer 2015. People fleeing war and searching for a better life should never be the norm. To witness it first hand in my adopted home city, however, was highly unusual; and on the whole the response from locals was exemplary.


What social media channel inspires you most and why?
As a journalist, Twitter is hugely important and influential. It’s also as frustrating as it is inspiring.


What website do you check first every day?
The Guardian


How do you relax?
With a book, usually related to history or politics. Otherwise, playing football and cricket (yes, there are even cricket teams in Germany), and cooking with my children.


Books or ebooks?
Until very recently, there was no question it was books. Nowadays, I have to admit that even the cold informality of ebook devices does not bother me quite as much as it once did. Simply, the sheer convenience of having so many books at hand, on one handheld device, provides its own joy.


Wine or beer?
Beer – I come from northern England and live in Bavaria! Though a good cup of black coffee is actually difficult to better, especially at 8 in the morning.


Favourite place?
I’m at home in Munich, but as long as my children are with me, wherever we are is my favourite place.


Your three travel essentials?
Sadly, I can’t do without smart technology, so the first two have to be iPhone and iPad (the latter, of course, packed with ebooks). And I always need a handful of old-fashioned “paper” books thrown in for good measure.