Erin Lindholm

A New York-based writer and editor covering travel, culinary and lifestyle topics, Erin’s favourite things include the California coast, weekend cooking sessions, travel essentials for long-haul flights, and crisps paired with Champagne.


You write about travel and culinary topics for What most inspires you about these subjects?
The learning curve is endless! It’s so incredible to chat with a chef who’s spent decades immersed in a particular culture and cooking style, or to discover a destination that has you wanting to book a flight asap. This great wide world is a wonderful place.


What social media channel inspires you most and why?
Instagram is my go-to for wanderlust-inducing travel posts and seriously delicious food snaps and videos, too. (You can find me @elindhomie)


How do you relax?
Step one, close the laptop. Step two, turn on some tunes. Step three, get cooking. Whether it’s an easy weeknight supper or a weekend cooking session, the kitchen is definitely my happy place.


Wine or beer?
Honestly, it’s all about the food and the setting. I have a lot of respect for the knowledge, the passion and the actual work that goes into making both wine and beer, and I feel like the craft beer scene has grown in really exciting ways in recent years. That being said, there’s something so nuanced and delicious about wine and food pairings, even when it’s as simple as crisps and Champagne.


Street food or fine dining?
All of the above! Local ingredients, a sense of place, the pride and love that goes into the creation of a dish, how something tastes—these are all infinitely more important than how much it costs.


Favourite place?
It’s hard to choose, but my mind immediately goes to the California coast. I’m a bit partial, as I grew up near San Diego, but there’s something incredibly special about the Pacific Ocean. It’s just so majestic. The salt air and sea breezes, sunset approaching… it’s a place you feel with all five senses. It’s at once humbling and awe-inspiring.


Your secret travel tip?
When you’re researching airfare, always compare round-trip prices to one-way prices in both directions. You’d be surprised how often a round-trip flight will be cheaper when booked as two one-way tickets, or you’ll have more flight options. Also, Google Flights’ explore function is game-changing. It’s the online version of spinning the globe and deciding to go based on wherever your finger lands—it’s a great platform for discovery.


Your three travel essentials?
Compression socks, a selection of Spotify playlists downloaded to my smartphone, and some kind of shawl, cardigan or wrap sweater for extra cosiness on long-haul overnight flights.


Your essential luxury?
Admittedly, I’m a salt snob. Unless I’m pickling, brining or salt-roasting, I only use the good stuff to season anything at home. A few favourites include Maldon (UK), Murray River (Australia), grey sea salt (sel gris) from France, and pink Himalayan salt.