Geoff Nudelman

Writer Geoff Nudelman is always up for a good challenge and a great hike. Whether it’s running a cocktail festival in Los Angeles or soaking in the politics of soccer at the Euros, his passion for storytelling has always been a constant. He covers a variety of topics for AMEX Essentials.


You write about everything from adventure to fashion for What inspires you most about your subjects?
I’m always looking for an authentic story. I think we get inundated with so much excess on a daily basis that original and unique perspectives have never been more important.


What kind of details do you look for?
I’m looking for passion. Typically, when whomever or whatever I’m writing about has a sincere zeal for what they’re doing, I end up with the best stories.


What website do you check first every day?
Google News, then local Portland and LA papers so I can stay on top of what’s going on in the cities where I do business.


How do you relax?
I love to unplug and get out on a good hike. I’m based in Portland, Oregon, so I’m within an hour’s drive of some of the best treks on the West Coast.


Books or ebooks?
Books for sure. I love the physical ability to turn pages after a day of staring at screens.


Wine or beer?
Whiskey. A nice Speyside Scotch, please!


Street food or fine dining?
Some of my best meals have been from street vendors. An amazing beef sandwich at 2:30am in Barcelona last summer reassured this for me…


Favourite place?
If I’m not in a soccer arena, I just want to be with a good group of friends enjoying life.


Your secret travel tip?
Don’t plan too much. Many of my favorite experiences have come from spontaneous decisions in foreign countries.


Your three travel essentials?
A sturdy pair of walking shoes, my travel journal and an afternoon nap.


Your essential luxury?
Green tea. Nothing soothes the soul like a great cup of green tea.