THE WORD: Reprise

Derived from an Anglo-French word meaning ‘repossession’, over the course of its history, the term reprise later came to refer to any action that is repeated or resumed. Now it is mostly associated with melody, denoting a repeated passage in a piece of music or a performance – like a key song that returns over the course of a musical, or a repeated section in a classical sonata, sometimes with added embellishment. Right now, as we enter a third pandemic year with hopes of ending the Groundhog Day cycle of isolation and restrictions, this word has been on our minds. Yes, a reprise is a repetition, but it can be ever-so-slightly changed with a new and original twist – something to pull us out of the humdrum and provide us with a fresh perspective on life. So go head, make a new recipe for Friday dinner. Take a different route on your walk to work. Pick a film you wouldn’t normally watch on movie night. You won’t regret it.

Perfect If: You know that simply taking a new approach to a comforting old habit can be just the right formula for breaking out of limbo.

THE FILM: The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

Not every movie has to be a cinematic masterpiece. Sometimes you just need a film act as a breather, an entertaining interlude – and that’s exactly what Tom Gormican’s The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is here to deliver. Starring the indomitable Nicolas Cage, with supporting roles played by Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother, Gone Girl), Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones, Kingsman) and Tiffany Haddish (Girls Trip, Self Made), the black comedy follows Cage as himself (yes, literally playing himself) after he accepts a million-dollar offer to attend a billionaire fan’s birthday party. As is to be expected, things take a wild turn and all hell breaks loose. Make sure to grab an extra-big bucket of popcorn for this one.

Perfect If: You’re in the mood to watch a movie, dammit, not a film. And you love watching Nicolas Cage just existing.

THE COLOUR: Pantone’s Innuendo

Though Pantone selected a light, soothing periwinkle tone as their official colour for 2022, trendsetters have opted for a brighter, more energetic choice for spring: Innuendo. Major fashion brands and design collections are injecting this striking pink colour into their palettes as a powerful (and much-needed) contrast to spring’s more demure whites and pastels. Whether it’s a warm jumper for the seasonaö transition, the official look for the coming days at the beach, or a piece of furniture to add to your spring décor, there are plenty of ways to easily implement this bright trend in your life – not to mention, a pop of colour is universally flattering.

Perfect If: You’re looking to add more positivity to your life and lift the spirits of those around you in the simplest way: by adding colour.

THE SHOW: Anatomy of a Scandal

A promising adaptation of Sarah Vaughan’s bestselling novel, this new miniseries will make waves when it drops on 15 April on Netflix. A six-part psychological thriller, the story is set in London and follows the scandals of Great Britain’s political elite. Lies, deceit, sex and infidelity, tabloid culture – whatever it is you’re itching for, oh, you’ll find it here. The show stars James Whitehouse as a minister in Parliament, Sienna Miller as his wife, and Michelle Dockery as the barrister who threatens to destroy their world. We’re already on the edge of our seats waiting for this one.

Perfect If: You’re a fan of political dramas like House of Cards or Scandal. Or if you’re curious about watching Sienna Miller in a different type of role.

THE CAUSE: World Wish Day

The Make-A-Wish foundation celebrates World Wish Day every 29 April in the hopes of bringing more awareness to an important cause: to help children fighting a critical illness live with joy, confidence and hope, by granting their wishes. Flying in a hot air balloon, swimming with sea lions, becoming a zookeeper… these are some of the half-a-million wishes granted around the world. There are plenty of ways you can change a kid’s life, either by donating to make a wish come true, volunteering at your local children’s hospital, creating a fundraising campaign or becoming a wish hero – any act of kindness may change the odds for these courageous children.

Perfect If: You know that no one deserves a happy, healthy, hopeful life more than those just beginning their own.

THE FAMILY ACTIVITY: Spring-Inspired Crafts

Take spring break and April holidays to boost your family’s creativity and spend some time together, while putting recyclable waste to good use with simple and beautiful spring-inspired DIY projects. Looking to add some seasonal greenery? This egg tree is easy, looks great as a centrepiece, and keeps the kids (and adults) excited to take one chocolate egg every day. Planning a holiday party? Dye some eggs, crack them open, and use the shells as tealight holders to decorate the table, or treat your guests with these creative Easter egg piñatas. You’ll find endless themed ideas online, all adorable, fun and artistic – although nothing beats an origami bunny basket!

Perfect If: You want to celebrate spring at home, without the unnecessary seasonal spending and inevitable waste.


Venezuelan philharmonic conductor Gustavo Dudamel, named one of Time’s “100 Most Influential People” (among many, many other accolades), has been gracing the world with his marvellous interpretations for years. From director Ted Braun, ¡Viva Maestro! follows Dudamel when his international tour is disrupted by the unrest and protests across his country, and he’s faced with the challenge of responding to an array of dismaying obstacles and challenges. A docu-film about the transformative power of art, innovation, commitment and loyalty, it’s the perfect thing to watch in times of uncertainty.

Perfect If: You’re in desperate need of some uplifting – or if you’d like to learn a bit more about the Venezuelan music scene.


Though only officially marked in Finland as a public holiday since 1979, Vappu is a centuries-old folkloric tradition named after the Catholic Saint Walpurga (Valburg in Finnish), occurring every year on the first day of May. It finds its origins in Nordic pagan rituals most likely linked to the welcoming of spring, however today’s celebrations honour workers and students alike – the latter of whom further capitalise on it to raise a glass of skumppa (sparkling wine) to the end of the school year, kicking off the festivities a few weeks before the actual Vappu Day. Picnics are held and parades are staged, with students wearing their decked-out boiler suits representing their field of study and academic institution. If you happen to be in Helsinki on 30 April, you may even witness Ylioppilaslakki, aka The Day Of The White Hats – when students swarm the market square to perform the tradition of washing the famous bronze sculpture Havis Amanda, and honouring by placing an oversized student cap on top of her head.

Perfect If: You need an official excuse to engage in a weekend of revelry – even though your student ID is no longer valid.

THE SOUND: Red Hot Chili Peppers’ ‘Unlimited Love’

Don’t let the date ‘fool’ you: the first of April might be known for unleashing hoaxers and tawdry jokes alike, but it’s also the day RHCP have chosen to spread their Unlimited Love worldwide, releasing their newest album. With the long-time guitarist John Frusciante rejoining the Californian rock band in 2019 after a decade spent venturing into electronic music, the album promises to be well worth the wait. To celebrate the release, the band are planning a big stadium tour set to begin in June 2022.

Perfect If: You’ve been itching to collectively rock out – in real life! – once more.

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