• Moufas

    We forgot all about metal… I believe “Master of Puppets” deserves a place here!
    White Stripes, Bjork, Blur and Daft Punk… really?????

  • Moufas

    I believe “Master of Puppets” deserves a place here! Also I think “Queen II” is missing…
    White Stripes, Bjork, Blur, Fatboy Slim and Daft Punk most influential album covers… really???

    • Amex Essentials

      Thanks, Moufas, great suggestions. Time for a Top 50 metal and hard rock album covers?

  • Nick Tryfonas

    really? no dark side of the moom?

    • Amex Essentials

      Thanks, Nick. Yes, it was a controversial choice, but we restricted ourselves to just one cover per band and instead selected Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd as being more influential. Dark Side of the Moon is instantly recognisable though and in a class of its own.

      • Anthony Paginton

        If you’re going to restrict your choices like that then you can’t call your list the MOST influential can you 🤔

  • mono tronics

    Ive seen better-most of these are graphic design,not that theres any wrong with that,but i see little in the way of art-probably because every band on this list is populist and marketed in a certain way-if you were to look underground,you d find much better,but thats just my opinion

  • Scat Lahngmo

    No Oasis Definitely Maybe?!? Or Morning Glory?!? No My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy or The Life Of Pablo by Kanye?!?

    • Amex Essentials

      Wow, some fantastic suggestions. Definitely time for a Top 100!

  • ikke

    No ‘Steal This Album’ from ‘System of A Down’?

  • Gareth J Farmer

    Not a very good list, where is the Iconic Tubular Bells album cover artwork?

  • Salvador Ocaña

    U2’s The Joshua Tree should have been listed here…

  • Amex Essentials

    Thanks, Michael, great suggestion.

  • Denis Smagin

    couldnt start slideshow. will never know what album covers blah blah

  • Ian Usher

    What about led zeppelin physical graffiti 10 cc how dare you or the best cover of all time the Beatles Sgt peppers? This is the most inconclusive list of all time!

  • Kamaran Hamza Cola

    and where was one of the best i think “Bitches Brew” Miles Davis.

  • Electro Funk

    With the Beatles should be on this list. It was revolutionary. The sixties didn’t begin until that image was snapped.

    • Joseph Dzbinski

      Beatles suck

  • Mathias Henry

    This list sucks

  • Chuck M

    There’s definitely a few on here I’d change, but I’d also add King Crimson’s Court of the Crimson King & Grateful Dead Aoxomoxoa

  • Ravens00


  • Bonnie E. Kaai

    No Ohio Players???

  • mikelt

    No Led Zeppelin? Maybe it was too difficult to chose only one of their truly influential covers?

  • Patrick Stenson

    No,Led Zepp!

  • kevin

    Marillion – misplaced childhood or Script

  • Adrian Hernandez

    Wow! I only recognized about 10 of these bands. I thought sure I would see:
    Iron Maiden – Number of the Beast
    Beatles – Abbey Road
    and Slayer – South of Heaven
    but none of them are in here.

  • Jara Matthews

    i donno nout INFLUENTIAL
    but gogos vacation is definitely the best of all time.
    and before photoshop!

  • Steve H.

    A list like this is always going to spark massive disagreement. Here’s a few I think warrant serious consideration, if not inclusion:
    Santana – Abraxas
    Wilco – Being There
    Roxy Music – Siren
    Rolling Stones – Definitely Sticky Fingers instead of Let it Bleed
    Elton John – Captain Fantastic
    Iggy & the Stooges – Raw Power
    ELP – Brain Salad Surgery

  • Greg Erhart

    No Moody Blues, no Rush, no Yes…

  • Rob Peterson

    Dark Side of the Moon. Put on the headphones and listen to it with the album cover in front of you.

  • Rob Peterson

    Led Zeppelin 3 with that spinny thing.

  • Shannon Ogden


    • Jesuit_Feast


  • Lared

    As usual, Frank Sinatra’s towering influence is overlooked: In The Wee Small Hours (1955)

  • Jesuit_Feast

    G’n’R – Appetite for Destruction
    Kanye – My Beautiful Dark…
    The Smiths – The Queen is Dead
    Bowie – Hunky Dory
    Madonna – Like a Prayer
    Serge Gainsbourg – Histoire de Melody Nelson
    Eurythmics – Touch
    LL Cool J – Mama Said…
    Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Welcome to
    the Pleasuredome
    Primal Scream – Screamadelica
    Stooges – Raw Power
    Grace Jones – Nightclubbing
    Suede – Suede
    Blondie – Autoamerican
    Various – Tropicália ou Panis et Circencis
    Stones – Beggars Banquet
    Lou Reed – Transformer
    Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s
    Tom Tom Club – Tom Tom Club
    Duran Duran – Rio
    Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend
    Enigma – MCMXC a.D.
    Floyd – Dark Side of…
    Blur – Parklife
    Sadistic Mika Band – Kurofune

  • Richie Smith

    Led zeppelin. 3

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