• Răzvan

    no Fight Club?

    • Amex Essentials

      Remember the first rule of Fight Club…

      • David Red Arrow Tscherny

        Serenity / Firefly

  • Domen Justin

    cult classics without Blade Runner?

    • Jozef Mikula SkiFi

      the top 25 list is missing the top 25 movies 😀

    • Amex Essentials

      A controversial choice. The article may or may not have been written by a replicant. We couldn’t possibly say.

  • Jozef Mikula SkiFi

    this is probably a very subjective top 25 :D.

  • Unkle Dee

    there’s hundreds if not thousands of cult movies. of course it’s subjective. just say what’s your fav cult movies, why try to fix someone’s list ?

  • Marco da Silva

    Fight club, trainspotting, kids…so many more…this is probably the worst “top of anything” ever made

    • Anabela Sérvolo

      Kids is definitly missing!

  • John Murray

    ‘Doctor Strangelove’,,’ Blade Runner’ both clearly missing. Yet ‘Clueless’ is a cult movie. really?

    • Amex Essentials

      Thanks! The great thing about cult movies is that they are so personal. Everyone has there favourite that they feel passionately about. Doctor Strangelove has probably graduated from cult movie to simply classic movie. As for the ‘controversial’ Blade Runner omission, the only logical conclusion is that the author of the article is a replicant – or is he? 😉

  • Рафаэль Ярошевский

    12 monkeys?

    • Amex Essentials

      Really great suggestion, thanks for contributing!

  • Jo Schumacher

    Of course “Summer Of ’42” 😀

  • Marian Pekár

    Clueless is 1995, not 1996. And This is Spinal Tap is 1984, not 1980.

    • Amex Essentials

      Thanks, Marian, well-spotted – you’re a true film connoisseur!

      • Marian Pekár

        You’re welcome. I thank you for this list. It is actually a very good list I would only suggest to add another 25 movies to make it even better (50 > 25 🙂 ). Most of them I would add are mentioned among the other’s comments right here.

        • Amex Essentials

          Thanks, Marian. We’ll definitely consider updating the article as a Top 50. 🙂

  • RCT3 Creations

    I think saying that Pulp Fiction Launched S.L.J´s career is a little misleading. No doubt it probably solidified him as a household name, but, by this point S.L.J has already ammased an extensive filmography. Granted, a lot were small roles only featuring for a few moments, and generally getting his head blown off, i.e, Goodfellas, True Romance, and even in films such as Coming to America. He also had larger, or leading roles in Films such as Jurassic Park in 1993, and National Lampoons Loaded Weapon in the same year. Other then that, pretty good list. Definitely some of my favorite films on this list.

    • Amex Essentials

      Thanks for your comment and we wouldn’t disagree. We’re big fans of Samuel’s work as well, who isn’t, and just wanted to emphasise that the role in Pulp Fiction took to another level of recognition and fame.

  • Max Goodman

    Usual Suspects has to make the list, surely?

  • Rob Worsfold

    Rita Sue and Bob too is a glaring omission

  • Сунай Ниязи


  • Anabela Sérvolo

    Some European films missing here…..
    But, hey, that’s the problem with lists, everyone has his/her own!

  • evilnerd

    Not aa cult classic. It’s a blockbuster.

    • Saigokun

      Being a blockbuster doesn’t exclude it from being a cult classic.

      • evilnerd

        It kinda does.

  • Sprhld

    Trainspotting!!! The Snake, Apocalypse Now. Fight Club, Four Rooms…
    In Germany some of them are unknown and others from here are missing

  • Kestas

    Forrest Gump

  • Ross Mc Garrity

    Dazed and Confused???

  • David Tillotson

    Repo Man!

  • Mark Small

    Dawn of the dead?

  • Konstantinos Vranakis

    BLADE RUNNER where is?

  • Sherry Britt

    Four rooms

  • fox_fog

    Liquid Sky

  • Joe Dwinell

    After Hours, needs to be on the list!… throw in Slapshot as well!

  • Bld1969

    No Harold and Maude????

  • Robert O’Hair

    Office Space

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