1) Tycho – Awake

Despite its evocative name, Tycho’s chillwave instrumental keeps you half asleep while diving in a daydream.

2) Sylvan Esso – Coffee

It’s neither about morning people nor the daily dark cup, but more about falling in love and being free, through choreographed moves.

3) Beirut – No No No

Soak up the last summer vibes with the joyful return of the band and one of these feel good songs.

4) White Rabbits – Percussion Gun

Listeners are transfixed as the nervous, synchronised drums roll out the beat. Welcome to the rabbits’ jungle.

5) Electric President – Safe and Sound

During dark times, when resistance is futile, endless support through real friendship remains – the rhythmic clapping is just a reminder.

6) RY X – Berlin

RY X landed like a UFO, carrying a unique voice set off by a beautiful instrumental. Melancholy on Earth has never sounded better.

7)  Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Perpetuum Mobile

An emotional rollercoaster begins as you listen to this magical piece. Tip: don’t miss brilliant animation film Mary & Max which did the song justice.

8) IAM Feat. Wu Tang Clan – La Saga

When the bad boys from Marseille meet the NYC hip-hop kings, one can only expect a clash of the titans in all its glory.

9) Barbarossa – The Load

A previous member of Jose González’s tribe, in his first solo flight, Barbarossa opens the doors of his atmospheric rhythm box.

10) Angus & Julia Stone – Little Whiskey

The Australian siblings teamed up again, proving that warm tones of indie folk in full harmony form a perfect equation.

11) TV On The Radio – Love Stained

Bringing optimistic melodies to powerful lyrics, the experimentalist band has, like a phoenix, risen from its ashes, even more welded than before.

12) Elliott Smith – Between the Bars

What better than a lullaby to explore a sensitive issue and cast out demons of the past? Smith’s songwriting had it all.

13) Spoon – The Way We Get By

This timeless piece could easily be seen as a catchy song for a new generation – a song that marks a moment and will never get old.

14) Ratatat – Abrasive

While hearing the first few riffs of the explosive duo, one thought immediately comes to our mind: five years were worth the wait.

15) Sóley – Pretty Face

Iceland is the home of incredibly talented musicians and today, it’s not just about Björk or Sigur Rós – as local artist Sóley and her mesmerizing voice demonstrate.

16) Caught A Ghost – Time Go

Time to head home, it’s getting late… With this intense soulful track, the Californians make us want to hit the road for a long drive.

Article by Anissa Tijani

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