“Summer.” There, we said it.

Just saying the word brings a smile to the face, and for hardy souls in the northern hemisphere, the imminent arrival of summer is a moment that finally allows one to dream of blissful summer days (and nights) and the simple joy of warm sun on bare skin.

Take a little more time to indulge this reverie, and the words “swimming pool” might reach your lips as well. But that’s where the fantasy usually ends. The reality of swimming pool visits for all too many people is the sting of chlorine in the eyes and having to avoid the crowds in and out of the water. And then there’s the horror of finding a sun lounger. The less said about that particular challenge the better. Of course, you could take a dip in your own private pool, but that remains the preserve of the few and depends a lot on location.

Sure, you might also consider building a pool, but permits, price and available land puts paid to that for most. All too often that leaves one dwelling on the fantasy of summers by the pool, rather than enjoying the reality. But there’s still that nagging itch that it shouldn’t all be so complicated. Taking a dip in cooling water should be a right not a luxury, and there must be an easier way to partake of this particular pleasure. Surely our ancestors had simpler solutions?

The extraordinary Brave Wilderness Life YouTube channel has the perfect answer to this question, with its extraordinary collection of films that offer a reinvention of the swimming pool, showing how even the most elaborate pool designs can actually be created with ancient tools and sheer tenacity.

Don’t believe us? Then watch for yourself, but we defy you to watch more than 10 seconds without becoming transfixed…

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