Find yourself screaming into the void rather often lately? You’re not alone. Modern life is hectic, demanding and stress-inducing, and cortisol levels tend to run especially high during the weeks immediately following the summer holidays, as the competing pressures of a return to school and work mount – and that’s even without a climate crisis and a global pandemic raging in the background.

Stress is of course a useful and powerful motivator to get things done or get out of harm’s way, but prolonged exposure to stress can itself be harmful, leading to a litany of possible negative health outcomes ranging from exhaustion to high blood pressure and depression. But we’re not here to stoke the flames of your anxiety. We’re here to help.

While we can’t convince your boss to ease up, get your in-laws to give you a break, or make your kids do their homework (without you even asking!), what we can do is provide you the tools and techniques to better deal with whatever life throws your way. How, you ask? Take this quiz to find out.

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