The end of the pandemic is not yet here, but it is quite possibly near – so why not (cautiously) celebrate by dreaming of the bucket list trip you’ll be taking when it’s safe to fly once again.

Since no one knows when that will happen exactly – it could be a few months, or even well into next year before ‘normal’ travel resumes – that means time is on your side, in a way. You have the time to plan an epic adventure, to budget meticulously, and to beg your boss for a longer-than-usual vacation leave, or even a mini sabbatical. You have the time to do the research, scouting out not only the must-see highlights, but also unearthing lesser-known gems. You don’t have to book anything yet. In fact, it’s best to wait until circumstances have stabilised (and even then be sure to double-check cancellation terms). The idea is to create the itinerary of a lifetime, ready to spring into action when the time is right.

But where to go? If you’re lacking inspiration, or perhaps overwhelmed by the literal world of choice at your fingertips, then let us help. Answer a few quick questions, and we’ll reveal your post-pandemic dream destination.

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