Live, laugh, love – and learn! Study abroad isn’t just for university students. Immerse yourself in local culture during your next trip, and take home the invaluable souvenir of a new skill set and a deeper sense of place. Check out our roundup of courses, workshops, experiences and masterclasses worldwide for an educational spin on your next adventure.

Blend Your Own Bottle of Wine in Chile

Thanks to its lengthy coastline and inland Andes mountain chain, Chile has become a leader of New World wine production. Montgras Winery, located in Chile’s premiere growing area, Colchagua Valley, offers a make-your-own-wine experience on site. Take in stunning hillside scenery and taste local varieties while also learning about winemaking and how to taste and describe wine. Finally, under the guidance of a winery expert, you’ll create your own signature blend, bottle it, and even make your own label. An easy day trip from Santiago, you’ll be in and out – and pleasantly tipsy – in two hours.


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Try the Art of Japanese Woodblock Printing in Kyoto

An intricate and iconic Japanese art form, Kyo karakami, or woodblock printing, has been around since the 8th century. It surged during the Edo period, contributing to the development of ukiyo-e prints, most recognisable as detailed depictions of beautiful geishas, warriors and nature scenes. In its early forms, it was used for poetry and greeting cards, and later appeared as screens on sliding doors, as wallpaper, and as interior decoration. You won’t become a master overnight, but the technique will certainly pique your interest. Spend a few hours learning the basics from a master artist, and print your own delicate sheets of paper to give as gifts to save in a scrapbook. This priceless experience is also said to be calming and meditative.

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Create Your Own Scent in Provence

Some of the world’s finest fragrances begin in the flower fields of Provence, where historic perfumeries like Fragonard, Molinard and Galimard can be found. Why not take your scent tour to the next level with a perfume-making class? Fragonard, for instance, offers a series of workshops at their headquarters in Grasse. During this two-hour experience you’ll tour the factory, learn about the history of perfumery and how perfumes are built around specific notes. Put your nose to the test and create your own original fragrance so you can remember your visit with a spritz for years to come. 

Tune in to Harlem’s Gospel and Jazz Age Legacy in New York City

Welcome to Harlem offers a range of immersive walking tours designed to celebrate Harlem’s rich cultural diversity, especially jazz and gospel: their small-group tours take you to historic neighbourhood homes and hotspots that buzzed during the Jazz Age and the Harlem Renaissance. There’s no need to wait in line at the church or stay out late for a front seat at the club. During these 60-minute experiences, you’ll hear great music and chat with your expert guide, as well as the musicians, during the afternoon or early evening. Meals aren’t included in every tour (although there are several options with brunch), but these budget experiences will leave you hungry for more. Thankfully, your guide will happily send you in the direction of the best food Harlem has to offer. 


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Master Pizza-Making in Naples

Naples is officially the undisputed beating heartland of pizza. The buzzing coastal city in southern Italy boasts a signature chewy-crispy crust that pizzaioli throughout Italy and the world still strive to emulate. During this foodie-centric experience, you’ll learn the secrets of perfect pizza dough and how to prepare an authentic Neapolitan pizza. Your Italian chef and guide will also teach you how to make tiramisu to complete your feast, after which you’ll enjoy the fruits (and slices) of your labour at an unforgettable meal.

Do the Tango in Buenos Aires

Argentinian Tango is not only a beautiful and sensual dance, it’s indelibly linked to the diverse cultural fusion of Buenos Aires. The music and steps combine elements of indigenous culture alongside African and European influences. Since its emergence during the 19th century as a folk pastime for immigrants, tango has permeated Argentine culture and attracted devotees around the world. Learn the basics, on your own or in a couple, with an experienced instructor at a tango school in the heart of the city where tango was born.

Learn Traditional Balinese Plant Weaving in Bali

Get to know Bali a little better through its crafts. Balinese textiles, including those made from plant fibres like bamboo, feature symbolic motifs that reflect the island’s rich cultural and spiritual heritage. Colours and patterns in Balinese weaving may convey marital and social status, and they play a role in religious ceremonies and rituals. They also serve as offerings in Balinese culture. Give yourself the gift of an immersive plant weaving course, and create the ultimate keepsake.

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Discover the Art of Chocolate in Brussels

Nothing says ‘chocolate’ quite like Belgium. Household names such as Godiva, Neuhaus, Leonidas and Côte d’Or all call Brussels home – next time you plan a trip there, carve out a day to satisfy your sweet tooth (and your curiosity). The Art of Chocolate Masterclasses offer a delicious deep dive into Belgian chocolate-making. Explore the process from bean to bar, and learn to stuff your own truffles or create intricate designs. The Art of Chocolate also creates one-of-a-kind classes for chocolate connoisseurs.

Take a Coffee Tour in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica

We be jammin’ java-style on this stunning hike and fully immersive experience for coffee lovers. Jamaica’s Blue Mountains boast rich volcanic soil, altitudes ranging from 1,500 to 2,000 metres above sea level, and unique microclimates ideal for growing some of the world’s best Arabica coffee beans. Tours depart from Runaway Bay, Jamaica and take you through lush countryside, a living rain forest, and a fair trade coffee plantation where you’ll learn about harvesting, roasting and production. Wrap it all up with a meal on site.

Open Your Mind – and Hip Flexors – at Ashram Ayurveda in India

Live your best Eat, Pray, Love life at this peaceful ashram in Mysore District, Karntaka, India. There’s no shortcut to full-body centredness, so this experience will require a week. AyurYoga Eco-ashram is home to an organic farm on River Kabini, far from the buzzing city centre. Surround yourself with nature as you stretch your way to yoga certification during an extended stay, or spend a week healing your body back to harmony through Ayurvedic practices. For travellers on the go, check out this 90-minute sunrise rooftop yoga class in Jaipur. Ashok Sharma has been leading his practice for 20 years and focuses on energising and revitalising asana and pranayama-style yoga.

Experience Olive Oil Production in Greece

Taste your way to olive oil expertise. At barely 90 minutes outside of Athens, near the beautiful coastal city of Nafplio, the Kotsonis family olive oil farm hosts guided tours through the olive groves and the estate. After this delicious and interactive experience, you’ll never drizzle extra virgin in the same way. During the two-hour programme, you’ll learn about the rich history of olive oil production in Greece, as well as the fascinating life story of olive trees, their harvesting and oil extraction. Prepare to check a bag, as you won’t be leaving empty-handed.

[Photo credit: Kotsonis Estate]

Be a Bedouin for a Day in Jordan

Head into the desert for a taste of ancient Bedouin life with Wild Wadirum. The descendants of Bedouins, the Attayiq family values hospitality above all else. Join them for a day trip through the Wadi Rum desert, including everything from camel riding to hiking and sandboarding. Explore their itineraries and find your own adventure, complete with sightseeing and a picnic lunch. Check out iconic sites like Lawrence’s Spring, a historically strategic oasis and watering hole for Lawrence and his Arab allies during their military campaigns against the Ottomans, and discover the ancient Hebrew and Aramaic inscriptions at Ayn Feshkha, overlooking the Dead Sea. For those eager for the full Bedouin experience, you can also sleep under the stars on an excursion with an expert local guide.


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Explore Hawaiian Culture in Honolulu, Hawaii

Get more than a la’i and a hula lesson with the in-depth Oahu Hawaii Culture Tour. Discover the roots of this beautiful archipelago, starting in Hawaii Kai on the southeastern coast of Oahu Island, just 20km east of downtown Honolulu. Learn about Hawaii’s first earliest inhabitants and their vibrant fishing economy. From there, explore natural treasures like Pele’s Chair, a sacred rock formation named for Pele, mythological Hawaiian goddess of fire, lightning, wind and volcanoes, also thought to be the creator of the islands. Expert locals will take you through Makapuu Heiau and Ulupo Heiau temples, and the ornate Iolani Palace, a marvel of European, American and Hawaiian architecture.

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