If you’re flying long-haul from Europe to Asia or from Australia to the US, chances are you’ve got a layover somewhere along the way – so why not make it count?

Perfectly positioned between East and West, Abu Dhabi is a popular place to touch down en route to a number of destinations across the globe, but most passengers never make it out of the (decidedly well-outfitted) international airport. Etihad, the award-winning flagship air carrier of the United Arab Emirates, is looking to change that by making travellers a deal that’s difficult to refuse: a chance to explore the UAE capital with a stopover ‘on the house’.

Catering for travellers of all budgets and preferences, Etihad is offering a choice between two appealing packages. Economically minded explorers will gravitate towards the fully complimentary stopover option, which includes up to two nights in a three-star hotel with Etihad footing the bill. Jet-setters seeking additional creature comforts and a longer stop, on the other hand, will delight in the premium package that grants up to 40% off of two- to four-night stays in Abu Dhabi’s most exclusive hotels, with buffet breakfast included, as well as the freedom to choose a preferred room category. Both packages guarantee 24-hour check-in, in-room WiFi and a 48-hour transit visa, all at no extra cost.

Taking advantage of the offer is as simple as booking an international flight with Etihad Airways that connects through Abu Dhabi, and then logging on to to select your ideal stopover and check hotel availability.

There’s only one question left to answer: how will you make the most of your Abu Dhabi adventure?

While this glittering city is known across the globe for its luxury shopping, incredible gastronomy and fascinating cultural scene studded with landmarks both ancient and ultra-modern, Abu Dhabi’s best-kept secret is one of its most alluring. Stepping beyond the gleaming towers and bustling streets, a vibrant natural world awaits.

Hike Jebel Hafeet, the imposing limestone mountain that rises 1,200m above Abu Dhabi, and spend the night in a Bedouin desert camp. Kayak through mystical mangrove mazes in the Mangrove National Park, as you spot all manner of wildlife from turtles to dolphins and stunning birds. Discover the vivid diversity of the UAE’s endemic plant life on a tour of Al Ain garden city, whether on foot, on horseback or by bike. Encounter the true spirit of Abu Dhabi on a desert tour, for a chance to learn firsthand about age-old customs and traditional ways of life. Or simply select one of the many stunning white sand beaches, from Yas to Saadiyat, and be the sultan of your own slice of paradise for a day.

If it’s a dose of adrenaline you crave, Abu Dhabi delivers. Water sports, from wakeboarding to flyboarding, jet skiing, snorkelling and scuba diving, are of course available in spades, but head into the desert, and you’ll find many high-octane opportunities as well, like sandboarding on the desert dunes or mountain biking down the rocky slopes of Jebel Hafeet.

With Etihad picking up the check, there’s never been a better time to experience every thrill Abu Dhabi has to offer.

For full Terms & Conditions please visit the Etihad website or click here to download.

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