It’s true: the release of Daniel Craig’s final outing as James Bond has been postponed. Again. But even though audiences will have to wait until April 2021 to catch No Time to Die, now is no time to cry, either.

One way to get through these next Bond-less months is to cue up a marathon of your favourite 007 films (stiff drink optional, but encouraged). Another way is to indulge your own inner secret agent with these stealthy, sophisticated gadgets that will transport you right into the ranks of MI6.

After all, who needs to see Bond, when you can be Bond?

Spy Pen
First things first: A spy without a spy pen is nothing but a wannabe. Pens with hidden cameras or secret audio recorders are a dime a dozen, but it’s not so easy to find one that offers both; this HD2 Ultra 2K Spy Pen is an exception. Equipped with 64GB memory capacity, 2K resolution, HD recording in 1080P and 720P, audio capture, and a wider angle lens than is usually found in such devices, this spy pen does it all. Operate it in motion activation mode, turn on continuous recording, record audio-only, snap images in photo mode – or just use it to sign papers. Sure, the pen won’t dispense poison, shoot bullets or explode on command, but we bet you can still find plenty of useful applications.

Cleverly Disguised Safe
Secret agents are secretive people – it’s in the job description – but even if you don’t have five fake passports, two burner phones and the blueprints to the Pentagon, we’re still betting you have a thing or two you’d like to keep secure and concealed. But how? Any master of deception will tell you the best covert caches are hidden in plain sight, so we recommend using boring, everyday objects for safekeeping. Take, for instance, this utterly nondescript wall clock that swings open to reveal three shelves for storing small items like credit cards, jewellery and extra cash. Or this hollow dictionary volume that will blend in perfectly among the other tomes on your bookcase, and is ideal for stashing valuables when you travel.

Smartphone Privacy Screen
Whether you’re receiving sensitive intelligence messages from M, or just don’t want your fellow commuters to see how bad you are at Candy Crush, it never hurts to have a privacy screen on your pocket computer. This one will keep prying eyes at bay, while also protecting your phone screen from scratches and smudges – and it even claims to filter blue light due to the use of a special coating. Free of adhesives, the practical design allows you to pop it in and out of your phone as needed.

Mini Monocular
Spies always need to be aware of their surroundings, both near and far. To ensure you can gaze into the distance and spot approaching enemy agents, pack a mini monocular; it’s more discreet than binoculars and small enough to take anywhere. The Roxant Pro Mini Monocular features premium optical glass and multi-coated optics, delivering 7×18 magnification with minimal shake. It’s perfect for hiking, climbing, hunting, bird-watching, camping… and spy activities of international importance.

Intuitive E-Bike 
What’s a bike doing on a list of Bond gadgets, you ask? Well, even though 007 famously loves fast cars of the ultra-luxe variety, any truly modern Bond should be going green with a carbon-neutral ride. Sleek, sexy and highly intuitive, this Cowboy 3 e-bike could be considered the Aston Martin of pedal-powered vehicles. In terms of hardware, the bike sports a practically invisible removable battery, hydraulic disk brakes, oil-free carbon belt transmission, a 17kg frame and built-in lights for safety and visibility. In terms of software, it comes with a sidekick app enabling auto-unlock, air quality monitoring, theft alert and crash detection – if you get in an accident and can’t confirm that you’re alright, the app will automatically notify your emergency contact. The app also functions as a dashboard with navigation, GPS tracking, live ride stats and more.

Pocket Translator
Communication is key – especially for international espionage – and every avid traveller has found themselves in at least one situation where Google Translate just didn’t cut it. This handy little device is on a mission to make “lost in translation” a thing of the past, using an AI engine to translate both sides of a conversation in real time. The size of a credit card, it speaks 74 languages – slang and dialects included – and features an auto-focus camera to enable translation of signs, documents and hand-written messages. It does require a network connection, but it comes with two years of free data in more than 130 countries. Definitely one to consider when we’re travelling once again.

Flameless Lighter
Everything 007 does, he does with style. Even lighting a cigarette. Smarten up your flame game with a plasma lighter, which allows you to light objects without fire. It works by passing a high-voltage electrical current between two nodes, creating arcs of plasma that produce enough heat to set fire to flammable objects like paper, candle wicks and cigarettes. Aside from being just plain science-y cool, flameless lighters are windproof, don’t require butane and are fully rechargeable via USB. Up the suave factor by opting for a swish design, like this one from Pierre Cardin.

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