Wish you could stay under a cosy blanket all winter long? What if we said you can – all you need is a blanket scarf.

Looking well-put-together in something that markets itself as both blanket and scarf may sound like a challenge (after all, you don’t want to end up getting memed like Lenny Kravitz), but styling a blanket scarf is actually quite easy, making this season’s oversize accessory a go-to for elevating your look without much effort. Fashion YouTuber Erin Busbee offers a few simple tips:

The Method

Draping, belting, tying – the extra-large size of the blanket scarf leaves you a variety of options for how to wear it, depending on the weather, your outfit or simply your mood.

Long And Loose: By far the easiest style, there’s no folding or tucking necessary – you simply hang the scarf around your neck and let it fall loose and flowing in front. It may seem a bit simple, but depending on the pattern and colours of the scarf, you can achieve a real style statement. If your scarf is extra-big, you might want to fold it into a triangle first, then twist or roll it into one long “noodle” before wrapping behind your neck. For a variation on this, you can also tie it into a knot in front.

The Handkerchief: Classic and a cinch to achieve, this look involves folding a square blanket scarf into a triangle. You then grab the corners of the scarf, and wrap the corners around your neck, leaving the triangle point in the front. Bring the corners back around your neck to the front and allow them to hang on either side of the triangle, or tuck them underneath the triangle.

The Shawl: Perfect for keeping warm in the office, or for wearing sans-jacket on a mild winter day, you can drape the scarf around your shoulders and wear as a shawl. To do this, first fold the scarf into a triangle, then drape over your shoulders, leaving the triangle in the back. Add a belt around your waist for an even more refined effect.

Infinity-Style: Love the infinity scarf look? You can recreate it with your blanket scarf! Create the “noodle” shape mentioned above, then tie the ends into a knot, creating a closed circle. Put the scarf around your neck (with the knot in the back), twist once in the front to create another smaller hole, and put your head through the hole, making a double-layer “infinity” scarf.

The Braid: A style that looks more complicated than it is, this one will have your friends asking “how did you do that?” To achieve it, first create the “noodle” shape. Keeping the middle of the “noodle” at the front of your neck, loop the scarf around your neck once (effectively switching the corners from one side to the other) so that you have a loop with two loose ends on the sides. Then, take one corner and weave it under one side of the loop and over the other side. Next, weave the other corner over one side and under the other side of the loop, creating a nice braided effect.

The Look

There’s nothing like a lovely blanket scarf to take an outfit from “yawn” to “yes!” in an instant, so let it play the protagonist in your look. Pair with well-fitting basics and high-quality accessories – like hats, gloves or a belt – and be sure to choose a blanket scarf in a print or colour palette that stands out while also complementing your outerwear.

In terms of garments, think booties and a good pair of jeans, or trousers in a neutral colour and a leather jacket, for a winning combination every time. Now go out and find your perfect blanket scarf – and get ready to weather the winter in style.

[Photos via BusbeeStyle.com]

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