Summer indulgences abound, and poolside sipping season has begun. For those seeking a tasty occasional alternative to alcohol, or perhaps even exploring a zero-proof lifestyle, stock your shelves with these nine great bottles. Many of these brands are not only alcohol-free, but also sugar-free, gluten-free and environmental guilt-free. We can all raise a glass to that.

Liborio’s Amaro

Amaro lovers take note. Flavoured with blond citrus, bitter almond, orange blossom and cinchona shrub bark, Liborio has managed to bottle the essence of Sicily in the form of the island’s quintessential after-dinner liquor, minus the alcohol. Family-owned and operated, the brand uses local ingredients to produce this healthier and more hydrating Amaro iteration.

Memento’s Blue

A savoury blast of sea salt, sage, oregano and satureja (an aromatic herb in the rosemary and thyme family), this bottle is as intriguing as it is refreshing. Memento was launched as an MBA project at Milan Politecnico; the founders based their herbal blends on recipes for wellbeing and happiness published in a 15th-century book, Ricettario Fiorentino, by the Italian institute of physicians and pharmacists. The company is also committed to the planet. In addition to their recycled glass bottles and the wooden caps, even their paper labels are certified sustainable. Try it on the rocks or as a mixer to lower the ABV on classics like a gin tonic or dirty martini.

Spiritless’ Kentucky 74

Have your Bourbon without the buzz. This female-founded company may not be niche in scope, but it’s niche in concept. As tireless entrepreneurs and moms, Lauren Chitwood, Abbey Ferguson and Lexie Lancaster Larsen brought their A game to the creation of Spiritless as a way to balance a male-dominated industry. Spiritless captures American Bourbon whiskey both in name and (non-alcoholic) spirit in this rich and smoky creation. Their reverse-distillation process infuses an oaky flavour into a base of sugar and water, with a result reminiscent of Bourbon that works on the rocks, neat or in a cocktail. As an added benefit, Spiritless donates a percentage of their profits to organisations that encourage entrepreneurialism, mentoring and leadership for young women. 

Figlia’s Fiore

Having watched her father succumb to the effects of alcoholism, Figlia founder Lily Geiger had the idea to produce a tipple for anyone looking to enjoy a drink but consume less alcohol, for whatever reason. Figlia, which is Italian for ‘daughter’, is a tribute to her own story as well as a delightful alternative to Campari and Aperol: a cherry-coloured spirit that exudes notes of rose, clove and bitter orange. Geiger recommends it over ice with a slice of orange. Figlia also donates a portion of proceeds to combating addiction and gives to the New-York-City-based environmental initiative 1% for the Planet.

Seedlip’s Grove 42

In under a decade, Seedlip has crushed the non-alcoholic scene. When Ben Branson stumbled on a 17th-century volume by physician John French titled The Art of Distillation, he got himself a copper pot still and went to work creating his own nature-based cure-alls. Flash forward to a posh night out in London, where Branson was utterly disillusioned by a treacly pink virgin cocktail. That’s when he decided to use his farming background and appreciation for nature to give rise to Seedlip, with the mission of producing top-shelf non-alcoholic beverages. Each bottle in the line blends individually distilled ingredients for rich and complex flavours. Grove 42, for its part, contains no sugar or sweeteners, and – made from Mediterranean oranges, lemon grass, ginger and lemon peel – it’s essentially the Amalfi Coast on the rocks. As the company is committed to transparency and sustainability, you can learn more about every ingredient on their website.

Roots’ Divino Aperitif Bianco

Brother founders Manos and Nikolas Smyrlakis were inspired not only by their family’s legacy as one of Greece’s oldest distilleries, but also the country’s rich history of crafting spirits. Finest Roots produces both alcoholic and non-alcoholic liqueurs, all made from traditional blends and rigorously sourced Greek ingredients. Divino non-alcoholic vermouth combines rosemary, thyme and wormwood (the leaves of the artemisia tree), which has been implemented since antiquity as a natural cure for everything from inflammation to indigestion. Raise a glass of this refreshingly bitter vermouth to your health – ideally on the rocks with a splash of tonic and a slice of lemon.

Almave’s Blanco

The world’s first non-alcoholic tequila, harvested and distilled in the heart of Jalisco, Almave is a must for tequila lovers looking to take a night off. 100 percent blue agave plants from the highlands of Jalisco are harvested, roasted in a brick oven, and milled in accordance with time-honoured methods. Almave skips fermentation and heads straight to distillation – multiple times in copper stills for the deepest and most authentic expression of tequila, minus the headache. Master distiller at Casa Lumbre, Iván Saldaña, lent a hand in producing both the ‘Blanco’, an oakier, rich reposado-style tipple called Ambár. Both exude agave’s signature planty mint and warm earthy flavours. 

Monday’s Zero Alcohol Gin

When it comes to zero-proof spirits, gin-inspired brands abound. It makes sense, considering the alluring botanical aspect, and Monday does not disappoint. Their embossed Art Deco labels set the tone for sophistication and style with the promise that you’ll feel great the day after. Sugar- and alcohol-free, everything in the line hails from their micro-distillery in Southern California, where the spirits are made in small batches by hand. All ingredients for the gin are sourced in the USA, and the small start-up leans as eco-friendly as possible: this includes durable or recyclable materials for the bulk of their product and packaging, as well as minimal plastic. Taste-wise, Monday Gin falls in step with traditional London dry style. It’s juniper-heavy, but complex and long-lasting, with notes of bitter lemon and grapefruit with a hint of coriander.

Pentire’s Adrift

Alistair Frost named this line of botanical blends after Pentire Head, one of the local headlands on the North Coast of Cornwall, where he harvests ingredients and produces his plant-based non-alcoholic spirits. Truly a micro-operation, Frost was inspired to bottle the unique aromas of the Cornwall coastline (read our previous interview with him here). Try their original non-alcoholic spirit, Adrift, which combines notes of rock samphire, sage, lemon citrus, Cornish sea salt and a signature Pentire plant blend. A certified B-corp, Pentire uses exclusively local, organic ingredients or sources via fair trade producers, as well as using zero plastic and employing carbon-neutral shipping, so you can sip extra guilt-free.

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