Have you ever wanted to host a party or invited a few friends over for dinner only to realise that your apartment isn’t really up for the challenge? You can’t entertain friends and visitors without the proper space to host them in. Fortunately, there are tons of simple, clever ways to create a social hub in your home without spending a fortune or finding a bigger apartment. We’ve found some great ideas and tips to get you started.

Transform Your Small Apartment For A Dinner Party
Having a tiny apartment doesn’t mean you can’t have friends over for a classy dinner party, which is exactly what this segment on Oprah sets out to prove. Some of the greatest tips to mention: be creative and keep it simple. You can use pillows and cushions as chairs, set up a low table using books as table legs, put out a dinner buffet, and you’re all set.

Reimagine The Space You Have
Even with the strongest will in the world, entertaining is severely limited by a chronic lack of space for some people. If you live in a cramped studio or apartment and have to eat, sleep and maybe even work in it, then how can you just ‘magically’ create extra space out of nothing – it simply won’t work. Well, that isn’t necessarily, as the increasing number of ‘transformer’ homes demonstrate. Thanks to multifunctional spaces with sliding walls, fold-down furniture and much more, it’s now possible to turn your living room into your home office, dining room, cinema or party space as Graham Hill, the founder of Treehugger, proves with his amazing 39sq m apartment in the video below.

Create A Cosy Dining Area On Your Balcony
Are you up for a little DIY project? A balcony, even a tiny one, can be the perfect space to entertain guests on a summer evening. If you’ve got one but don’t quite know how to transform it into an inviting hangout area – and you don’t mind breaking out your handyman (or handywoman) skills – this instructional video might be just what you need.

Prep Your Backyard For A Summer Evening Party
One of the best places to create an entertainment space isn’t in your home at all: it’s in your backyard! Even really small outdoor areas can turn into your friend group’s favourite hangout. All you need is some creative summer drinks, pretty lights and a few soft blankets.

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