Rigel Celeste

A writer and artist currently calling rural Minnesota home, Rigel Celeste has been covering fashion, luxury and lifestyle topics since 2007. When not writing, she’s mom to a toddler and wife to a handsome hubby, and enjoys gardening, long walks alone and getting lost in a good movie.


You write about fashion and lifestyle for amexessentials.com. What most inspires you about your subjects? 
The fact that you can’t escape them. We all wear clothes (well, most of us do!) and we all live day-to-day. These are subjects that may seem frilly, but in many ways they touch us most of all.


What kind of details do you look for? 
Accessories are my favourite to write about because – whether handbags, jewellery or scarves – they’re like little pieces of wearable art. I look for pieces that are beautiful and well-balanced in their design (like art), as well as unique and eye-catching, but still wearable for a regular, everyday person.


What website do you check first every day?
I hate to admit it, but Facebook is my most common stop. It’s a guilty pleasure, seeing what drama everyone is up to that day.


How do you relax? 
Does staring out the window count? I do that a lot at my desk! When I’m not working, though, or taking care of my toddler, I enjoy long solo walks through my neighbourhood, and at night a good movie on the couch.


Film or TV? 
Film, probably, although I definitely enjoy both. I love getting lost in a good story.


Books or ebooks?
Books, although I’ve been reading more and more via ebooks because they’re just so darn convenient.


Wine or beer?


Street food or fine dining?
Street food for sure! Just as tasty, but no manners required.


Your essential luxury?
Sleep. Since becoming a mom a few years ago, I have a whole new appreciation for sleep, and what an enormous impact it can have on how a person feels, physically and mentally. Getting enough truly is a luxury.