So much for the theory, now for the practice: thanks to these instructional films all you need now is a bit of elbow grease.

1. Light Bulb Terrarium

If the idea of breaking a light bulb doesn’t reassure you, any other recycling container will be just as good (jar, fish bowl, bottle…) to create these charming and eco-friendly indoor terrariums.

2. Printable Photo Booth

Following on from the craze generated by photo booths at weddings and other social functions, this tutorial shows you how to create your own photo booth accessories… And many memorable pictures to come!

3. Geometric Paper Sculpture

Yes, we classified this one as an easy one to do, too. Trust us, it’s simpler than it seems, as the steps are quite repetitive. The colourful end-result is simply breathtaking.

4. Doctor Who Piñata

Not just a normal piñata. This blue one comes from far, far away, bringing the promise of mystery and candies for young and old.

Via Instructables

5. Packing Crate Coasters

Take a closer look, and you’ll see that these miniature packing crates are actually fashioned out of popsicle sticks to form drink mats. A witty and effortlessly simple design that cleverly plays up to the current trend for upcycling packing crates into furniture and more. #staysafe #stayathome #selfisolation

Article by Anissa Tijani

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