THE WORD: Éphémère

Only the French could conjure a word such as éphémère. Its soft, soothing sound alone would surely secure it first place in any ASMR ranking. Shut your eyes and you can imagine an icon of French cinema – perhaps Jeanne Moreau or Catherine Deneuve – whispering the expression before turning away from the camera and gazing wistfully into the distance. All of which fits perfectly with its essential meaning, which is the fleeting, ephemeral nature of life and all its moments. This is a mood we can all identify with at the end of summer in anticipation of the seasons changing once again and, with it, a return to school, work and the reality of all our lives.

Perfect If: You embrace the bittersweet essence of éphémère in the knowledge that it is precisely the transitory nature of life’s joys that makes them taste all the sweeter.

THE SHOW: The Changeling

Mark your calendar for 8 September, as Apple TV+ presents The Changeling, a haunting odyssey through the shadowy streets of New York City. Apollo and Emma’s love story begins as a fairy tale but swiftly turns into spine-tingling horror when Emma disappears under mysterious circumstances, and Apollo’s world descends into darkness. Victor LaValle’s acclaimed novel comes to life in this chilling series led by Academy Award nominee LaKeith Stanfield, where New York City becomes a treacherous labyrinth of the supernatural. With danger at every turn, get ready to embark on a perilous journey you won’t soon forget.

Perfect If: You’re fine sleeping on your own after such a hair-raising viewing experience…

THE (FASHION) EVENT: Gabrielle Chanel. Fashion Manifesto

She freed women from restrictive corsets, shortened their skirts, created a new meaning of elegance, and revolutionised how we all dress, even today. On 16 September, the Victoria & Albert Museum will launch Gabrielle Chanel. Fashion Manifesto”, opening its Sainsbury Gallery doors to the legacy of the genius designer Coco Chanel with an exhibition dedicated to her work and her continuing influence on the fashion industry as a whole. More than 200 looks will be on display, including never-seen-before pieces, as well as the first Chanel No. 5 bottle, accessories from her first Paris boutique in 1910, and looks from her last collection in 1971. Sure, Coco Chanel invented the classic LBD and the ‘hands-free’ shoulder bag, but she did so much more – and she deserves a fitting tribute. And, by the way, just like her iconic two-tone ballet flats, tickets are selling fast!

Perfect If: You stand by her belief that “fashion fades, only style remains the same.”

THE FILM: Brother

From acclaimed director Clement Virgo (The Wire, Book of Negroes) comes the heart-rending story of two brothers coming of age in the 1990s amid Toronto’s burgeoning hip-hop scene. As young Black men and the sons of Caribbean immigrants, brothers Francis (Aaron Pierce, The Underground Railroad) and Michael (Lamar Johnson, The Last of Us) navigate issues of identity, relationships and masculinity, until a tragic event rocks the family to its core. Based on the award-winning novel by David Chariandy, the film straddles multiple timelines to tell this powerful story bolstered by compelling performances from both Piece and Johnson, whose undeniable chemistry heightens the film’s emotional impact.

Perfect If: You always knew in your heart that Canada’s film industry is one to watch – pun absolutely intended.


Let’s try a little game… Create a list of the ten artists – across any field – that have most influenced popular culture over the past 50 years. Then, take a moment to reflect, and write your list again. If Stephen King isn’t on your list, then we’re pretty sure you’re busily adding him right now. While critics have long since embraced his work and elevated it from the genre backwater he was once confined to, King’s impact across all areas of popular culture is astounding. The documentary King on Screen was completed in 2022 and has already proven popular on the festival circuit, exploring the legacy of the author’s works as well as the many movies based on his novels and stories, together with exclusive insights from a host of Hollywood greats. The acclaimed docupic enjoyed a limited release in August and will be available to stream or purchase on Blu-ray in September.

Perfect If: You appreciate how King’s writing – with all its thrills and chills – has always held up a mirror to America’s cultural consciousness.

THE CAUSE: International Literacy Day

Parents will be familiar with the groans and moans kids facing the end of carefree summer days and the start of a new school year, with its tasks and deadlines and early morning wake-up calls. But as the school bells begin calling students to class this month, it’s worth taking a moment to reflect on the countless many children who don’t have the privilege of an education, for whom geography and economics aren’t subjects to be studied, but rather harsh realities that prevent their being able to study at all – or even to learn to read. Every 8 September, UNESCO observes International Literacy Day as an opportunity to increase awareness of literacy issues around the world and to reaffirm the importance of literacy as a universal human right – one that is increasingly under threat in the face of ongoing conflicts, climate change and the COVID-19 crisis. To this end, a number of local, regional and national events will take place throughout the world, in addition to a global conference in Paris, France that can be attended in person or online, with the goal of “promoting literacy for a world in transition: building the foundation for sustainable and peaceful societies”.

Perfect If: You know that reading and writing are not only enjoyable pastimes, but also the keys to unlocking a world of knowledge and having agency in one’s own life.

THE SOUND: James Blake’s ‘Playing Robots into Heaven’

English singer-songwriter James Blake has had our hearts since Retrograde. So you’ll understand us being at the edge of our seats in anticipation of his upcoming seventh studio album, Playing Robots into Heaven, out on 8 September. With no guest appearances, this release places its sole focus on Blake’s artistry, offering an unfiltered glimpse into the mind of a musical genius. Prepare for a sonic journey like no other, with the singer returning to the electronic roots that first brought him acclaim during his Hessle, Hemlock and R&S records days.

Perfect If: You would never confuse James Blake with James Blunt.

THE TEMPTATION: Argentinian Chocotorta

The land of alfajores and empanadas clearly has no shortage of culinary delights, but we bet you didn’t know about Argentinian Chocotorta, a beloved dessert usually enjoyed not in restaurants, but rather in the cosy confines of porteño homes. Creating chocotorta (which literally translates to “chocolate cake’) is a breeze, combining time-honoured ingredients such as dulce de leche, cream, coffee and chocolate cookies. A decadent treat – somewhat similar to tiramisu – that’s easy to make, and it also provides the perfect bonding moment with kids or family. Best of all, it’s a cost-effective way to please a crowd and sate a sweet tooth, making it accessible to all. And just wait until you’ve tasted it.

Perfect If: C’mon, this is perfect for everyone!

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