THE SHOW: The Dropout

If you liked Netflix’s Inventing Anna, then we’ve got a new show for you  – and if you didn’t, we still bet you’ll enjoy this one: Hulu’s The Dropout, premiering 3 March, tells the story of Elizabeth Holmes – the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, who was once considered ‘the next Steve Jobs’. The show chronicles her quick rise and even quicker fall, revealing the truth behind her health-tech company, Theranos. Starring Amanda Seyfried, The Dropout promises a hefty dose of lies, greed, ambition and romance, along with the quest to answer one core question: What if you could test just a few drops of your blood in your own home? Spoiler alert: You can’t.

Perfect If:
You’re always up for a good drama, especially the real-life kind.

THE CAUSE: Together We Ride

Like every year, on 8 March we’ll observe International Women’s Day, recognising the struggles of women throughout history and commemorating their achievements in all fields. This year, you can add a celebratory bike ride to the list. Between 5 and 8 March, pick any day, any time, and join a worldwide bike party to raise awareness of gender inequality, help crush implicit bias, and show appreciation for the role of women in communities and societies everywhere. Whether you choose to go half a mile or 200, and whether you pick the open road or a stationary bike in your living room, get those pedals going, enjoy an invigorating ride, and don’t forget to snap some photos to share on social media.

Perfect If:
You need some motivation to get moving – and joining the effort to create a more equitable society is just the thing.

THE FILM:  The Outfit

We’re kind of over big, flashy (ahem, superhero) films at the moment, aren’t you? Sure, they’re great every now and then, but sometimes we want cinema that gives us a little more to chew on. That’s why we’re so excited for the release of Graham Moore’s The Outfit, which follows a successful English tailor (played by the criminally underrated Mark Rylance) who opens up shop in a dodgy Chicago neighbourhood, and whose employee (Zoey Deutch) grows suspicious of his hush-hush business activities. We’ll be reaching for the popcorn with this one on 18 March.

Perfect If: It’s been a long time since you’ve seen a good gangster film – or if you’re just itching to see some great acting.

THE ART EXHIBITION: ‘Useless Bodies?’

While technological progress tends to be met with enthusiastic fervour, it’s important to spare a thought for the possible unsettling scenarios that might arise from the over-building, over-coding and over-connecting of our world. At least, that’s what disruptive artistic duo Elmgreen & Dragset ask us to consider in their expansive exhibition “Useless Bodies?”, which will occupy 3,000 square metres of the Fondazione Prada museum in Milan from 31 March to 22 August. The artworks invite visitors to contemplate what will become of our human bodies in this post-industrial age, where our physical presence is already starting to play an increasingly marginal role.

Perfect If: You’ve been hungry for some food for thought.


Okay, fine, we’re biased on this one – but can you blame us? It just checks all of our boxes! Lucy and Desi follows both the romance and the professional partnership between Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, one of old Hollywood’s most captivating power couples and the great minds behind one of the most influential TV shows of all time, I Love Lucy. Directed by Amy Poehler, the documentary explores both of their lives, from Desi’s immigration from Cuba to America, to their convention-defying navigation of Hollywood’s stodgy old studio system – and, of course, their love.

Perfect If:
You’re a sucker for the glitz, glam and drama of Hollywood’s golden years.

THE CELEBRATION: International Day of Happiness

Reasons to be happy might sometimes seem thin on the ground, especially right now, but acts of self-care, positive thinking and social engagement are even more critical in these moments, as a way to lift the spirits and help you better cope with whatever may come. On 20 March –  and for the rest of the month – get involved in your community, seek help or help others, and take action for a happier and kinder world. The International Day of Happiness website offers resources and tips on how to take part and to remind yourself that “the world is a better place when we connect with and care about the people around us.”

Perfect If: You know that in challenging times like these, personal wellbeing and community support should be priorities.

THE SOUND: Rex Orange County’s “Who Cares?”

Already a rising star of the indie music scene at the age of 23, Alexander James O’Connor, better known as Rex Orange County, rose to fame after collaborating extensively with rapper and producer Tyler, the Creator. His first studio albums enjoyed commercial and critical success, and his fourth is set to be released on 11 March. Yes, that’s right, a fourth album at just 23. Personally, we can’t wait to stream it at full blast, but if you’re not familiar with his upbeat tunes and creative lyrics, then catch up by giving a listen to his latest single, “Keep It Up”.

Perfect If: You like the idea of contemporary hip-hop production mixed with slices of synth pop and cool British vibes.

THE DRINK: Elder Greene Blues

Back away from the artificially coloured green beer – we have a more grown-up tipple for you to sip this St Patrick’s Day. Adam Gamboa, mixologist at Il Posto Italian restaurant in Denver, Colorado, has devised a botanical beverage perfect for the occasion in his Elder Greene Blues, which comes by its verdant hue more naturally than any dyed brew. Cucumber-and-basil-infused vodka forms the base of the cocktail, to which a homemade basil syrup is added for more crisp, herbal notes, as well as Grand Marnier and lime juice for a burst of citrus. Gamboa uses a sous vide machine to infuse the vodka and make the syrup, but all you really need are a pot of water, a heat-proof plastic bag and a thermometer. If it sounds more complicated than your usual happy hour concoction, just know that you will be richly rewarded for your efforts.

Perfect If: You realise your chances of seeing a leprechaun increase with every sip…

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