Now that spring has arrived, the weather is finally changing – and perhaps our fortunes will, too. With such invigorating new music, shows, books, virtual events and more to look forward to, how could they not?


Yes, yes, we realise ‘pivot’ seems so 2020, but bear with us. Where pivoting last year signalled a forced change of course, the art of the pivot in 2021 is all about proactively changing direction to identify a new opportunity – to thrive, not just survive.

Perfect If: You feel it’s time to pivot with purpose and start chasing your dreams once again…

THE EVENT: 93rd Academy Awards

On 25 April, two months later than originally planned, the 93rd Oscars will be broadcast live from multiple venues, including the iconic Dolby Theater. Among all the deserving nominees, this year’s edition is making history for its diverse roster: for the first time ever, an all-Black production team has been nominated for the Best Picture award with Judas and the Black Messiah. Meanwhile, Minari’s Steven Yeun is the first Asian American to be nominated for Best Actor, and two women have secured the nomination for Best Director: Chloé Zhao for Nomadland and Emerald Fennell for Promising Young Woman.

Perfect If: You already have your suspicions of who will win Best Picture (Nomadland or Minari, if you ask us), but still want to appreciate and support the hard work of all the nominees after a tough year for the film industry.

THE CALL TO ACTION: Three Days of Climate Action

Organised by the Biden administration in the US, and streamed live to the world, this three-day-long Earth Day event brings together world climate leaders, activists, non-profit innovators, artists and influencers to discuss global progress on environmental issues such as green technologies, biodiversity protection, sustainable agriculture and more – offering viewers not only useful information, but actionable measures to start restoring the health of the planet right now.

Perfect If: You believe Earth Day should be every day, and want to learn how to make a meaningful contribution to the environmental movement.

THE FILM: Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Fan power is real – and we’re not talking about your bladeless Dyson. When 2017’s star-studded Justice League bombed at the box office, reportedly a mere shadow of the original vision of director Zack Snyder who had to leave the project due to a family tragedy, fans took to social media demanding that studio Warner Bros #ReleaseTheSnyderCut. It took nearly four years, but the epic film has finally seen the light of day and is now streaming on HBO Max.

Perfect If: You have four hours to kill – and an axe to grind with Joss Whedon.

THE GIFT: Accessories For A Good Cause

Following last month’s attack in Atlanta, in which a man fuelled by racism and misogyny killed eight people – six of whom were Asian – various grassroots initiatives and non-profit organisations have been put forth as a way to support the victims’ families and the wider Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. Donating time or money to AAPI organisations is one way to help, or consider the simple yet helpful purchase of distinctive items; the Made in Chinatown online shop, for example, is a great way to support independent sellers in NYC’s Chinatown community. Whether you pick up an informative tea mug, a delectable Pineapple Bun Print or a beautiful throw pillow, you can rest assured that 100% of profits from the sale go directly to the seller.

PERFECT IF: You’re looking for a unique collection of knick knacks that speaks to the rich history of Chinatown while illuminating Asian-American heritage and helping preserve its creative culture.

THE BOOK: The Dictionary of Lost Words

Part fiction, part history, Pip Williams’ lyrical debut novel tells the story of Esme, the young daughter of a lexicographer helping to compile the first Oxford English Dictionary. As the men work, deciding which words are worthy of the great book and which are cast aside, Esme notices that the words most often discarded are ones used to describe women’s lived experiences. With the women’s suffrage movement gaining steam and the First World War gathering like a storm on the horizon, Esme sets about secretly collecting material for her own Dictionary of Lost Words that will give women a voice.

Perfect If: You’ve got big plans to celebrate the power of words on English Language Day (23 April) – big plans involving you, your couch and a good book.

THE POEM: Shakespeare’s Sonnet 43

The exact birthday of William Shakespeare was never recorded, but we can be quite certain that he was born one fine day in April 1564. Celebrate the Bard of Avon this month by rereading his best plays and poems – or by watching your favourite celebrities read them. We highly recommend this spirited recitation of “Sonnet 43” by Sir Patrick Stewart (find more on his Instagram page). Alternatively, the Royal Shakespeare Company brings The Winter’s Tale to the screen this month. Directed by Deputy Artistic Director Erica Whyman, the play will be available for broadcast on BBC iPlayer (date TBC).

PERFECT IF: You need a daily dose of Shakespeare to keep going.

THE FRAGRANCE: Maison Margiela’s Replica Collection

What is it about spring that makes us long for a fresh eau de toilette? Anything that smells of hope and optimism, please! Maison Margiela’s ‘Replica’ collection does the trick, described as “reproductions of familiar scents and moments of varying locations and periods.” What about the unisex Springtime in a Park, a floral scent that captures that exciting moment when blossoms awaken and coats can be left at home? Or perhaps ‘Under the Lemon Trees’, reminiscent of a trip to Sicily and a refreshing nap under said trees.

PERFECT IF: You could use an aromatherapy mood boost.

THE SHOW: Worn Stories

“So much about who we are is stitched into the fabrics that we wear every day.” So says one of the many celebrities, personalities and ordinary people interviewed by author and New York Times writer Emily Spivack for this fascinating new Netflix docuseries. Having gathered hundreds of insightful and uplifting anecdotes about the clothes we wear – and published two bestselling books of her findings – Spivack is bringing the concept to the small screen. Produced by Morgan Neville and Jenji Kohan (of Weeds and Orange Is the New Black), Worn Stories promises to have you laughing, crying and wondering what your own wardrobe says about you.

PERFECT IF: You’ve been looking for a reason to keep that well-loved sweater of yours around a little longer.

THE CELEBRATION: International Children’s Book Day

From sparking young imaginations to making bedtime a little more bearable, reading to – and with – kids is more than just fun family activity: it’s nourishment for growing minds. If book time isn’t yet part of your routine, perhaps take this International Children’s Book Day (2 April) to establish a new reading habit with your little ones. Not sure where to start? Pick a beloved tale from our list of the best children’s books of all time, or get the kids engaging with important environmental topics with an age-appropriate read from this list compiled by the UN SDG Book club.

PERFECT IF: You’d like to teach your youngsters that anything is possible with a bit of imagination.

THE SOUND: London Grammar’s Californian Soil

A quick mental exercise: Try to picture the cautious optimism of this year’s spring as a sound. Perhaps the unhurried awakening of an arctic squirrel slowly emerging from winter hibernation? That’s the visual in the back of our mind as we let the gossamer sound of London Grammar’s forthcoming third album, Californian Soil, soak in. Hannah Reid, lead singer of the British indie pop band, has said that “this record is about gaining possession of my own life”.

PERFECT IF: You, like us, are also ready to gain possession of your own life this spring.

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