Start your holiday meal in extra-festive fashion this year with a cocktail that sparkles. Whether you make a toast at your holiday brunch, Christmas dinner or New Year’s bash, these bubbly drinks are perfect for any joyful gathering.

Please note that, for these drinks, you don’t need the absolute best quality Champagne or sparkling wine, especially not for the ones that are on the sweeter side of the spectrum. Keep your vintage Champagnes stored away for another occasion, and opt for more budget-friendly sparkling wines such as a Cava from Spain, a Prosecco from Italy or a Crémant from France. These drinks are best assembled right before serving – and don’t forget to keep your sparkling wine nicely chilled before opening.

Kir Royal

This French classic is a cinch to pull off, and truly kicks your sparkly apéritif up a notch: add ½ ounce (35 ml) of crème de cassis (a sweet, low ABV liqueur from blackcurrants) to a flute and top with Champagne. While a classic Kir is made with white wine from Burgundy, the ‘royal’ version has Champagne – and the sweet liqueur nicely balances out the tartness in the sparkling wine.

Classic Champagne Cocktail

Stuffed turkey, beef Wellington, Christmas pudding: if you and your friends appreciate the holiday classics, you should know how to make a classic Champagne cocktail as well. The simple libation dates back to 1850s San Francisco, where it was popular with entertainers and referred to as ‘chorus girl’s milk’. To make one, you fill a wide-mouthed Champagne coupe with bubbles, douse a sugar cube in Angostura bitters and add it to the glass. Garnish with a lemon twist if you like. It’s as simple as that. The sugar cube will make the sparkling wine fizz nicely, and the drink will get a little sweeter as it dissolves.

Poinsettia (Cranberry Mimosa)

Give your favourite brunch booze a holiday makeover by switching out the orange juice with cranberry juice. In this guise, a mimosa is called a poinsettia. Some recipes call for a dash of orange liqueur, but if you want to keep it light, just leave it out. With a sugar rim, a sprig of rosemary and some fresh cranberries, this drink just looks as festive as can be.

Pomegranate and Campari Spritz

Put a holiday twist on the classic Italian spritz with pomegranate and warming spices. Chef Donal Skehan creates a simple syrup with holiday spices and orange peel, and uses it to build a drink with pomegranate juice and a nice glug of Campari, topped off with Prosecco. Welcome your guests with a glass of this spritz, and the mood for the night will be set.

Winter Wonderland Mimosa

Now this is something unique and fun! This mimosa boasts an icy blue hue – courtesy of blue raspberry vodka and Blue Curaçao. Topped off with sparkling wine and a touch of lustre dust for extra shimmer, this is a fun apéritif for toasting to the season of snow, cosy moments and cherished gatherings.

Apple, Basil And Sparkling Wine Spritzer

This refreshing drink does exactly what apéritifs are meant to do: wake up your appetite for the abundant meal ahead. It has a clean, crisp flavour without being sour (thanks to the touch of honey), and the base of apple-ginger-basil syrup can (and, arguably, should) be made well in advance. When your guests arrive, add some syrup to a flute, top up with your sparkling wine of choice, and garnish with a slice of apple and a basil leaf.

Wild Hibiscus Flower Sparkler

In Jamaica, Sorrel – a hibiscus flower drink with spices and rum – is a typical Christmas libation. If you want to make something a little lighter, create this fizzy take on the Caribbean classic. It features a beautiful hibiscus flower which slowly opens up in the drink, as well as hibiscus syrup (to taste), and is topped with the sparkling wine of your choice. So pretty, and so wildly delicious.

Rosemary Mandarin Sparkle Cocktail

Now here’s a cocktail that’s both warming and refreshing! In this cleverly crafted drink, the brightness of fresh mandarin and lemon juice are balanced out with smooth honey syrup, along with the herbal essence of rosemary and invigorating bubbles. It will make you and your guests very merry!

Vanilla Pear Prosecco Punch

This punch will be a sweet hit at your holiday party. It requires a bit of prep work, including making a purée with fresh pears and vanilla beans, but the result is worth it: the sweetness is balanced with lemon juice, the tequila gives a nice kick, and the Prosecco provides a bit of fizz. Double the quantity if you’re expecting a crowd, because the bowl will be empty before you know it.

Soyer Au Champagne

Finish off your meal with a delicious boozy Champagne drink/dessert. Cocktail expert Anders Erickson tweaks this classic recipe – which was apparently beloved by Queen Victoria – and mixes Cognac with Dom Bénédictine and Grand Marnier. Pour this over a scoop of vanilla ice cream, then top off with Champagne. A delight.

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