Kumon Artist In Aoyama

Rei Shito: “I bumped into this one cool-looking gentleman the other day, and I had to take his photo. I’d never seen anyone wearing the kimono so perfectly! He’s wearing a haori, which is something like a knee-length overcoat to keep the body warm in winter.”

“Look at the sleeve, there’s an emblem on it. This is a kamon, the symbol of his family (the family crest). It’s very formal attire, I only wear my kimono with the family crest when there is a marriage, funeral or other special event in my family.

I was surprised to spot this man in the streets of Aoyama, nowhere near a special venue, just an ordinary neighbourhood. So why was he wearing his special kimono so casually? When I asked him, he told me he’s a kamon artist, so it’s only natural for him to wear his own creations.

He seemed a frank and kind man, always smiling. After I took his picture, he gave me his business card, and when I checked his homepage, it turned out Shoryu Hatoba is a pretty famous kamon artist! The stories of people I encounter on the streets keep surprising me.”

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[Portrait Rei: Jun Tamura]

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