So, you think that you’re a bit of a movie buff? That’s fine, we know the story… Your friends bow down to your über-geek ability to recite the entire script of Pulp Fiction, and your encyclopaedic knowledge silences any debate on film trivia. Perhaps your passion for cinema runs so deep that you can hold your own among fellow film geeks when someone starts reflecting on the classics of Italian Neo-Realism, Dogme 95, or the Hong Kong New Wave? We’re impressed, and as fellow film fanatics, we feel your commitment, we really do – but however ‘serious’ your commitment to cinema may be, surely no one can honestly deny that the greatest cinematic joy comes from the simple (and often silly) thrill of watching a monumental blockbuster on a huge screen with a bucket of popcorn and enough soda to ensure a sugar rush that lasts long after you’ve left the dark embrace of the movie house.

Granted, it may be a guilty pleasure, but it’s still a pleasure, and nothing can quite compete with a Hollywood blockbuster to evoke the childhood memories that first made you fall in love with the silver screen. Okay, you might not admit your secret love of blockbusters in polite cinephile company, but you know the truth. And so do we. The more difficult question is to identify your personal blockbuster preferences. Blockbusters might share the same absurdly inflated budgets and a predilection for spectacular action and effects, but not all blockbusters are made the same way or have the same themes.

Take our revealing personality test to discover your true blockbuster type and the mega-movie to look out for in 2020.

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