Well, well, well… so you love dystopian fiction – maybe films, too. Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us, you’re among friends here. Actually, the truth is that you’re far from alone: dystopian fiction remains a perennially popular genre, and while some might view it as disturbing or depressing, the reality is often very different.

It can be strangely comforting to realise that, however ‘dystopian’ our experience of 2020 becomes, things could always be worse. Children have the same affection for traditional fairy tales with their often quite gruesome plot lines, as it provides them with a safe space to process fears of the scary adult world.

Dystopian fiction goes even beyond that, providing the additional intellectual stimulus of pondering an endless variety of ‘what if’ scenarios. Throw in a dash of other closely related literary genres, such as alternate history or speculative fiction, maybe even horror or science-fiction as well, and the reader is all set on a journey of the dystopian imagination that is guaranteed to intrigue and thrill in equal measure.

All of that is well and good, but the burning question any reader eventually asks themselves is how would they cope in that situation? Curious to find out which dystopian world you would survive and maybe even thrive in? Then take our simple personality test below, but be prepared for a few twists and turns along the way – and maybe even a surprise ending…

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Quiz: Which Dystopian World Would You Survive? I'm %%personality%%

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