Everyone has had that feeling at some point: you don’t feel challenged, your ideas are continually rejected, you’re stuck in a rut and need to break out. You need a change.

So what are the options? Sure, you could quit your job in a blaze of glory (or notoriety) and leave a trail of flying coffee mugs, harsh words and shocked faces behind you. Or, more likely, you could return to the real world and consider that your rent or mortgage still needs to paid, your cat fed, and reflect that maybe work actually isn’t all that bad. Yes, it’s called ‘work’ for a reason, but there are highs and lows in any job. Your colleagues are generally ok, your boss has her/his own problems, too, and your resume looks pretty good on second thought. Why spoil it with some unexplainable gap – or worse, a failure?

Well, maybe there’s something else nagging on your mind… It might just be the germ of an idea – the feeling that you could do something more. It’s not something pushing you away – like the occasional bad day at the office – but more something actually pulling you towards it. That idea, that dream even, is most likely to take the radical decision to go freelance or to start your own business. What’s stopping you? You’ve got the skills, you’ve got the vision, and you’ve definitely got the determination – or have you?

Are you really ready to go it alone?

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