Keen to discover the world of bees, gain inspiration from a top landscape designer, or just take a mindful walk in nature? Join one of these online gardening events this July, conveniently accessible from your own backyard.

Knowledge (Of Nature) Is Power

Biodiversity and Mass Extinctions Conference (23 July) 
We’re sharing this planet with untold numbers of other living things, but we as humans have an outsized influence when it comes to threatening and endangering the existence of other species – and our own. Join a panel of experts as they discuss current nature-related issues, such as the human relationship with the ecosystem (and how it has helped create pandemics), along with ways to adopt a green economic approach, and employ specific strategies to build a healthier, kinder world for every living being. This one-day conference will be followed by workshops to brainstorm practical next steps for stopping the harm, which will be then presented to the UN.

21 Acres Virtual Farm Walk (24 July) 
If you can’t visit a farm, let the farm come to you. As a leading centre in sustainable and regenerative practices, 21 Acres promotes a more conscious way of living through resourceful and engaging education. This month, you can join them on a virtual field trip to their farm to learn about agroecology, soil health and how it all changes throughout the seasons – while discovering different tips and tricks for benefitting food economies and following your own organic path.

The Hidden World of Garden Bees (15 July) 
Did you know there are more than 20,000 different species of bee living on our planet? Join wildlife gardener, author and bee advocate Brigit Strawbridge in this one-hour talk about the wide world of bees, examining different wild and garden species, discussing their roles and importance in our ecosystem, and learning how to create bee-friendly habitats to help them in their pollination tasks. The talk is followed by a Q&A session.

Nature In The Arts

Bookbinding & Botanicals (17 July) 
If you’re looking for a nature-inspired DIY project this summer, consider giving second life to foraged leaves. Museums & Galleries Edinburgh is hosting this live two-hour workshop followed by video tutorials, where you’ll learn different leaf printing techniques and bookbinding projects to turn hand-printed papers with botanical stamps into a nature journal, a fold-and-cut book and a pressed leaf notebook.

Five Seasons: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf (No Set Date)
Known for his work on Chicago’s Millennium Park and NYC’s High Line, among many, many others, Dutch garden designer Piet Oudolf shares his creative process in this one-hour documentary. By purchasing one ticket, you’ll have access to the film for 48 hours, where you’ll learn everything about his work – from his abstract sketching season by season, to his theories of beauty told by the landscape artist himself.

Cactus Garden Cut-Outs (17 July)
Channel your inner Matisse with this nature-inspired project for the whole family. Join arts and environmental educator Juliet Whitsett as she walks you through her art series, Threatened Texas, focusing on threatened and endangered species. Then take part in a fun and educational activity to create botanical art, centred around the different colours and textures of the cactus, and using Matisse’s famous cut-out technique.

500 Years History of English Gardens (7 July) 
From perfectly laid-out lawns to beautiful garden structures, elegant water elements and flower beds, classic English gardens really have it all. Enjoy a one-hour lecture and stunning footage of the history of English gardens, from the Tudor era to modern roof gardens, while visiting Victorian landscapes, exotic greenhouses and more. Whether you’re into botanical design history or simply enjoy a visit to an English garden, this one’s for you.

Nature For Health

Luxurious Walking in Delight (24 July) 
With all the clutter and diversions in our daily lives, we could definitely use a couple of hours of total body and mind relaxation. If you can relate, join this free session of a slow, silent and mindful walk in your own backyard – or nearby park – and tune into the sensations of nature. Choose your date, download the Zoom app on your phone, and prepare your senses for some inspiring plant contemplation and appreciation, and a good dose of vitamin D.

Grow Your Own Health (Every Tuesday in July) 
If growing your own vegetable garden is on your life bucket list, this might be the year to tackle it. The Wholistic Living University offers a one-year, 38-session biodynamic gardening course where students will get access to an expert horticulturist explaining the theory and steps for creating a vegetable garden, maintaining it throughout the four seasons, and designing it specifically for your health and nourishment.

Sustainable Gardening for Wildlife (8 July) 
As part of their Ready, Set, Garden! series, Castlebank Horticultural Centre is hosting this one-hour workshop for beginners. With a digital presentation and a live Q&A session, Stuart, Castlebank’s Educational Gardener, will share his tips and tricks for making your own garden the perfect place for nurturing wildlife. All proceeds will go to support the sustainability projects of the centre and its gardens.

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