THE WORD: Gækkebrev

According to the Danish, when the winter snows start to melt, it’s time to send a greeting to a loved one. Not that anyone should need a signal from nature to connect with their favourite people, but this cultural custom is particularly endearing, with messages taking the form of elaborately cut paper “snowdrops”. Gækkebrev, literally translating to ‘teaser letter’, is a Danish tradition in which people, especially children, write anonymous short poems or rhymes to a friend or family member on fine paper carved with intricate designs. The only clue for the recipient is a dot for each letter of the sender’s name – and the prize for guessing who sent it is a chocolate Easter egg. Wherever you come from, and whether or not you observe Easter celebrations, give gækkebrev a go this year among your inner circle. After all, there’s always a reason to have your chocolate. Just don’t let your penmanship give you away.

Perfect If: A sweet treat, a celebration of love, and a fun screen-free activity for the kids check all your boxes for a new family tradition.

THE FILM: The Animal Kingdom

From the acclaimed director of Love at First Sight comes a tale of mystery and adventure. Imagine this: in a world ravaged by an inexplicable wave of mutations that morph humans into animals, one man, portrayed by the talented Romain Duris, battles relentlessly to rescue his afflicted wife, while strange creatures vanish into the depths of the forest. Alongside his determined teenage son (Paul Kircher), he embarks upon a monumental journey to save the love of his life, aided, of course, by local police (Adèle Exarchopoulos). Already screening in select countries, the film will get a wider release on 15 March.

Perfect If: You’re open to what appears to be a more intense take on the themes of Yorgos Lanthimos’ The Lobster.

THE SHOW: Palm Royale

Lost without more episodes of The White Lotus? The next big thing in small-screen escapism arrives on 20 March, with the much-anticipated Apple TV+ series Palm Royale. Set in a lavish 1960s resort, the show is sure to hook audiences with its stunning visuals – but add to that performances by names like Kristen Wiig, Laura Dern, Allison Janney, Ricky Martin and living legend Carol Burnett, plus a comedic plot filled with intrigue, twists and relatable characters, and you’re all set to take a sun-soaked vacation right on your couch. Lightly based on Juliet McDaniel’s Mr. & Mrs. American Pie, the show tells the story of Maxine Simmons (Wiig) as she fights to break down the contemporary social barriers and find her place in the upper echelons of American society, with all the glitz and glam it entails.

Perfect If: You’re craving a great new show the same way you’re longing for a tropical cocktail sipped by the pool.

THE DISH: Mexican Aguachile

Speaking of tropical delights, how about bringing the vibrant flavours of Mexico straight to your table this spring? Anyone can whip up and enjoy the fresh flavours of aguachile, Mexico’s answer to ceviche. Zesty and delectable, its charms lie in its simplicity: fresh seafood, lime juice, chilli peppers and crisp vegetables harmonise to create a dish that’s as simple to prepare as it is bursting with flavour. If you’ve considered adding an unconventional twist to your Easter spread this year, aguachile should be at the top of your list. 

Perfect If: You’re by no means a kitchen prodigy, but can certainly appreciate a well-balanced dish.


After going viral in 2020 for a video of himself ballet dancing in the rain, 12-year-old Anthony Madu caught the eye of Elmhurst Ballet School in the UK, and found himself suddenly far from his home and family in Lagos, pursuing his dreams while fighting gender role expectations and searching for his true identity. In this documentary, Oscar-nominated director Matt Ogens and Joel ‘Kachi Benson capture not only Anthony’s personal journey towards acceptance and belonging, but also the at times stark cultural differences between Nigeria and the UK. Heart-warming and uplifting, Madu, premiering 29 March on Disney+, is also a reminder that there’s a place for each of us somewhere in the world.

Perfect If: You love the idea of fighting against societal standards – not with violence, but with gentle pirouettes. 

THE EXHIBITION: Icons of British Fashion

Fashion fans are in for a historical treat: the 300-year-old Blenheim Palace will host a highly visual, first-of-its-kind exhibition celebrating some of Britain’s most venerable designers and brands with exclusive collections of clothing, accessories, photographs, sketches and patterns. Featuring archives from Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney, Bruce Oldfield, Jean Muir, Turnbull & Asser, Zandra Rhodes and many more, Icons of British Fashion will be the palace’s biggest exhibition to date, with a special focus on ethical fashion, the future of the industry, and the deep cultural significance of design. And, in honour of Sir Winston Churchill’s 150th birthday, it’ll also showcase his most iconic sartorial choices. Starting on 23 March, visitors of the palace or its gardens will get a complimentary front-row ticket to view Britain’s fashion history in a truly unique setting. 

Perfect If: Experiencing the history of British style in a stunning setting is your kind of royal treatment.

THE SOUND: Beyoncé’s ‘Act II’

The highly anticipated second instalment in Beyoncé’sRenaissance trilogy is slated for release on 29 March – and it’s expected to be something of a revolution, as rumours suggest the album will be steeped in country sound, promising a fresh twist on Queen Bey’s iconic musical style. Coming as a surprise during the 58th Super Bowl, the announcement of the album’s impending arrival left fans buzzing (to say the least), especially after the release of two new singles. If those tracks are anything to go by, Act II won’t just be an album drop – it will be an unmissable musical event. No surprises as to who’ll dominate the charts for a while…

Perfect If: You’re part of the BeyHive already, or you just enjoy a musical shake-up.

THE EDITOR’S CHOICE: Podcast Rec – ‘Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby’

We know: the myths of ancient Greece and Rome have enjoyed countless retellings (or endured, depending who’s narrating them), but when we say that Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby! offers a fresh, modern perspective, we mean it. Hosted by a passionate millennial with a penchant for deep research and a knack for viewing the classics through a feminist lens, this is certainly not your average mythology podcast. Entertaining, comprehensive and unflinchingly honest, don’t expect any sugarcoating when it comes to the raw details of famous myths, such as Medea or Circe, to name just a few. 

Perfect If: You’re up to the challenge of reexamining the tales we all seem to think we know.

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