Few dishes can be so omnipresent across all global cuisines as salad and yet still be so divisive. While health-conscious diners embrace salad as a natural, nutritious and relatively quick-to-prepare meal, others have an almost instinctive aversion to what they see as too bland, too boring or, worse, ‘too healthy’.

While it’s almost impossible to dismiss the health credentials of a well-made salad, one can still have at least some sympathy for those who have simply been burned (or wilted?) by too many bad salads. Fortunately, the days of cheap eateries passing off a sliced tomato and a handful of tired leaves as ‘salad’ are now long gone. Today, we live in a world of near endless salad possibilities, allowing ever-greater creative latitude to combine unexpected ingredients and expand the potential of what a salad is and can be.

All of which sounds great, but the first step towards leafy green nirvana is to recognise and embrace your personal salad type. Take our quick test below and discover the answer!

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