The learned lexicographers at dictionary publishers Collins have officially declared ‘binge-watch’ to be the word of the year. In honour of that fact, we invite you to settle down in a comfortable seat and enjoy our judicious selection of stellar TV and film highlights.

The Three Colours Trilogy

Just in case anyone thinks that binge-watching is something to be ashamed of, we start with something a touch more highbrow. The Three Colours Trilogy is a monument to the genius of the late Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski and an inspired and at times offbeat exploration of the values of the French Revolution: liberté, egalité and fraternité. amazon.co.uk

Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Back to more mainstream fare, the biggest cinematic news this year is the return of Star Wars to the big screen. If you’re heading to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens, be sure beforehand to remind yourself of what made you first fall in love with the saga with this complete set on Blu-Ray. amazon.co.uk

Star Wars Rebels

Younger members of the family might be more enraptured by recent cartoon depictions of the Star Wars universe such as Clone Wars. Conveniently, the latest saga now on DVD and Blu-Ray – Star Wars Rebels – brings events right up to the first Star Wars movie Episode IV: A New Hope. amazon.co.uk

Star Trek – The Original Series

While Star Wars fans abound, the Star Trek saga has attracted almost as many fans over the years in its various film and television incarnations. CBS recently announced a new Star Trek TV series to be aired in 2017. If you can’t wait that long, then discover the original classic 1960s series in this definitive compilation – at over 20 hours of viewing, this takes binge-watching to the limit. amazon.co.uk

Back to the Future – 30th Anniversary Trilogy

Some, however, prefer their sci-fi with a little more humour than the Star Wars or Star Trek sagas typically offer. A ground-breaking classic in its day, Back to the Future this year celebrated its 30th anniversary. Is it really that long? amazon.co.uk

The Complete Toy Story Collection

Star Wars and Godfather fans may beg to differ, but many cineastes will claim that the most complete trilogy in movie history is Toy Story. Think about it and you’ll find it hard to disagree: brilliant storylines, consistently-high quality and universal themes – this is a masterpiece of our times. amazon.co.uk

The Hayao Miyazaki Complete Collection

For all the genius of the very best Pixar films, it is worth remembering that there are other schools of animation that also deserve to be honoured. The great Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki justly enjoys legendary status, and film aficionados were excited to hear recently that he may be coming out of retirement (for the sixth time!) to create his first CGI animation film. Watch this space. amazon.co.uk

The X-Files: Complete Seasons 1-9

Does absence make the heart grow fonder? Recent reports suggest that a brand new mini-series of The X-Files is currently in production and set to return to our screens next year. In the meantime, catch up once again on the original series. Not entirely convinced? ‘Trust no one…’ amazon.co.uk

Mad Men – The Complete Collection

The X-Files might have captured the imagination of TV viewers in the 1990s, but the same could be said of Mad Men over the past decade. With its tangled tales of Don Draper, Peggy Olson et al, this was television elevated to high art and, like all the best shows, knew when to stop, leaving its audiences hungry for more. amazon.co.uk

James Bond – 23 Film Premium Collection

Daniel Craig’s latest outing as 007 was topped by an audacious opening sequence filmed in Mexico City. More than that, however, it also included hidden references to every single previous Bond film. Don’t believe us? Check out this complete compendium and see if you can spot them. amazon.co.uk

Vikings: Season 3

Can’t wait for the next season of Game of Thrones and looking for a similar ‘swords and sandals’ epic to get your teeth into? The less-heralded Vikings saga is a cult hit now into its third season and is in many ways a hybrid of Game of Thrones and, slightly bizarrely, Sons of Anarchy. amazon.co.uk

Better Call Saul – Season 1

Yes, we know, nothing will ever quite compare to the landmark Breaking Bad, but if you’re still pining for the world of Walter White, then you could do a lot worse than to give Better Call Saul a chance. Created by Breaking Bad writer, producer, director Vince Gilligan, the show heads back 10 years to explore the early adventures of lawyer Saul Goodman, when the character was then calling himself Jimmy McGill. amazon.co.uk

Ghostbusters/Ghostbusters 2

One of next year’s cinematic highlights is sure to be the return of Ghostbusters with an all-female ghostbusting crew, headed by Melissa McCarthy and supported by Chris Hemsworth as their receptionist. Look out for Bill Murray in a much-anticipated cameo and, in the meantime, remind yourself of his brilliant and largely-improvised original performance. amazon.co.uk

Five Films By Satyajit Ray

If you are looking to expand your cinematic horizons, why now take in this outstanding collection of films from Satyajit Ray – a deserved icon of world cinema. If this whets your appetite, also look out for The Chess Players, starring the much-missed Saeed Jaffrey opposite Richard Attenborough. amazon.co.uk

Stanley Kubrick – The Masterpiece Collection

In case Satyajit Ray isn’t enough to sate your arthouse cravings, we finish with a box-set from another master of modern cinema – Stanley Kubrick. Whoever said binge-watching had to be a guilty pleasure? amazon.co.uk

Article by James Lee-Tullis

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