We know what you’re going to say: TikTok is for teens and twenty-somethings. Not so fast. While the social media video app is undeniably dominated by Gen Z, it has been steadily widening its appeal, especially as the pandemic forced people of all ages to seek social connection through their screens. In fact, users aged 30-49 constituted just over 40% of TikTok’s US usership in March 2021, with the upward trend expected to hold true among millennials.

So whether you’re a sceptic, a convert or a dyed-in-the-wool fan of the popular platform, there’s no denying its growing influence on everything from music to politics and, yes, fashion. Should you need a reason to give TikTok a(nother) try, check out these fun viral fashion trends.

Crochet Tops
Young Gen Z TikTok creators have put a fun twist on an otherwise old-fashioned trend. Now, when you think of crochet, forget the antique image of old ladies knitting, and picture instead flattering blouses and belly-baring crop tops. The perfect summer piece, they will add a lively, breezy touch to your outfits. Here are a few suggestions if you don’t know where to start: Camila Coelho’s neutral Recortado Offshore for an easy-to-pair look, or this colourful crop style for a daring alternative.

@knottygirlthreadsthese drop during my next restock feb 20th 3pm cst! wire wrapped pendants made by @mildhippie ✨##crochet ##crochettop ##fyp♬ original sound – 🕊

Tennis Skirts
Pleated tennis skirts are all the rage in 2021, and we can see why! They’re comfy, versatile and super easy to style. Our suggestion is to get yours in a neutral colour like black or white, so you can combine it with most anything and dress it either up or down. Think: chunky boots and a sweater for a cosy look, or tennis shoes and a crop top for a viral IG post (or, you know, TikTok dance).

Wide-Leg Denim
Put away the skinny jeans: the kids today are rocking wide-leg trousers, and we’ve never felt more at ease with a fashion choice. The nostalgic ‘70s cut seems to be here to stay, and we’re certain you’ll appreciate all the extra space around your legs. Make sure to grab a pair you love and can live in, like this uncomplicated model by Anthropologie.

‘90s Sunglasses
Nothing screams ‘trendy’ quite like retro sunnies, don’t you think? And yes, the ‘90s now classify as retro (please don’t shoot the messenger!). That sad fact being said, we’re excited to bring some nostalgia into summer 2021, and chic sunglasses are the perfect way to do so. We’re thinking something like these tiny rectangular ones, what do you think?

Cottagecore Dresses
If you’ve ever dreamed of uprooting your entire life and moving to the countryside to drift among the meadows in flowing cotton vestments and nap in the shade of willow trees, we bet you’re going to drool over cottagecore dresses. A truly romantic choice, the style fits perfectly into an idyllic forest cabin setting – and TikTok is dying for them. And, you know what, so are we. Our favourite right now: the Austra embroidered dress.

@crescentshaymaking my dream cottagecore dress (aka my daisy dress 🌼) – inspired by the strawberry dress! ##diy ##fashion ##cottagecore ##strawberrydress♬ Line Without a Hook – Ricky Montgomery

Corset Tops
Not nearly as uncomfortable as they sound, we promise. Corset tops are a sultry and surprisingly wearable alternative to your everyday blouses. And yes, you can definitely wear one casually; try pairing it with flared jeans, platform sneakers and a cool jacket for an easy breezy everyday look.

Biker Shorts
For some reason, we can’t think of biker shorts without picturing Princess Diana. If, like us, you’d love nothing more than to channel her effortless style and grace, the easiest way to do so is by daring to don biker shorts. Long or short, they’re the perfect way to incorporate comfort and versatility into your wardrobe. Wear them to the gym, to work, to the club – always with the right accessories, of course!

Baguette Handbags
You’ve probably seen these around: small, compact handbags reminiscent of 2000s It Girl fashion. Well, they’re back and we’re loving them. Available in all sorts of materials, from nylon to leather and even recycled plastic, they’re ridiculously easy to integrate into your closet, and will add a cheeky touch to your style. Get a textured one for sophistication, or a classic design for versatility.

Bucket Hats
You’re either going to love or hate bucket hats, which, again, transport us straight to the ‘90s. Personally, we fall into the first group: they’re sassy, funky and sooo much fun. And yes, we’ll admit, they make us feel quite young. Try a groovy patterned hat for extra playfulness, or a solid colour one for simplicity. Either way, you’ll look cool.

Sweater Vest Tops
No longer synonymous with stuffy university professors, sweater vests are classy, sleek and fashionable, and can be worn in a variety of ways: wear an oversized one as a mini dress, style a cropped one with high-waisted trousers or a skirt for a cool business casual look, or pair with your favourite jeans, tennis shoes, heels… you get it. Perhaps try one with a fun floral pattern to switch things up?

Sage Green
Is sage green the new black? ‘Cause TikTok seems to think so! The peaceful colour seems to pop up in every second video when scrolling through our For You page, whether it’s in the form of home decor, accessories or fashion! Easy to mix and match, try including it as a pop of colour in your jewellery, or go all out and wear a monochrome look. Either way, you’ll look fantastic and très chic.

Polymer Clay Earrings
Here’s a trend you’ll love if you’re into DIY crafts: polymer clay earrings are fun and trendy, and will become your favourite way to accessorise this summer. Get creative and make the most of unique designs – there’s nothing stopping you from going crazy with the colours, patterns, size and shape of your pendants. Customisable fashion? Yes, please!

Neons are out, neutrals are here to stay. If you’re unfussy and would rather not spend hours putting an outfit together, or if, like most functioning adults, you just don’t have the time for it, neutral tones are your best bet. Blacks, whites, beige tones and grays are almost impossible to mismatch, and will make you look your best at all times. Wear them in trousers, tops or just about anything else!

Cross-Waist Leggings
Oh, these didn’t leave our For You page for months on end. Whether you’re a gym buff, a yogi or just someone who wants to chill in style, cross-waist leggings will be your new favourite closet staple in no time.

@hannahschlenkerYes queen give us nothing (dc: @rianneneill )♬ Drummer Boy – Justin Bieber

Faux Leather Straight-Leg Pants
Gen Z is definitely not shying away from dressing up, but they’re also leaving non-vegan animal products behind. Perhaps that’s why Aritzia’s vegan Melina pants went viral on TikTok. Available in black and brown (again with the neutrals!), they’re slim-fit trousers perfect for both day and night. Plus they’re cruelty-free, and the fit is just divine.

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