It is often remarked that few things say as much about a man as his shoes. Without wanting to exert too much sartorial pressure, the same could almost certainly be said about one’s boots. 

As the seasons change more rapidly than ever, and the droughts and forest fires of summer are replaced by flash floods and snowstorms, a man’s choice of boots becomes every bit as critical – if not more so – than merely picking out another pair of shoes. While shoes are often interchangeable, boots tend to be far more functional, serving a specific purpose or suiting a particular environment.

Followers of fashion would argue that there are certain styles of boots that all men should own, whether work boots, wellington boots, Chelsea boots or others, but even these classic styles are open to debate and dependent upon your personal preferences and lifestyle. Whether you’re an aficionado of fine footwear or looking to purchase a new pair of boots for the season ahead, take our quick quiz to discover your true boot type and the styles most suited to your taste.

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