Travel should bring joy – to you, the traveller, of course, but also to the people and places you encounter along the way. A kind smile here, a shared meal there, a story told among new friends. Yet in our rush to see and do (and snap photos of) everything we possibly can, it can be easy to lose sight of those real, true joys of travel.

Intrepid Travel is out to correct the course and return to the essence of why we roam. Their responsible journeys transport small groups of kindred spirits to all corners of the globe, where expert guides immerse them not only in the local sights, sounds and flavours, but also give them a deeper understanding of the people and places that make each destination unlike any other in the world – and all while benefiting the communities they visit through social and environmental initiatives.

If that’s not enough to get you planning your next trip with Intrepid, we’ll give you six more good reasons – including the chance to earn Amex cashback if you book by 31 October! (More details below.)

Good Times

There’s no one right way to travel. Every traveller has their own distinct constellation of preferences and expectations, and Intrepid knows that meeting (or exceeding) them is a major part of what makes an adventure especially memorable. That’s why they offer more than 1,000 unique trips in 100 countries around the world, catering for a variety of budgets, interests, ages, activity levels and travel personalities to ensure everyone can access the experience of their travel dreams – whether that means trekking through the rainforests of Vanuatu, exploring Italy in luxurious style, or seeing Central America on a shoestring. Whatever the itinerary, every trip is guided by local leaders with expert-level knowledge of the destination, its culture and its people, to help you connect with the place in a way you perhaps never have before.

Good Friends

When it comes to group sizes, Intrepid believes that less is more: they cap their trips at an average of 10 travellers, making it easier to get to know your fellow globetrotters and start making memories with newfound friends right from the start. With such highly specialised themes and itineraries, from solo traveller trips to family-friendly groups and journeys for 20-somethings or active travellers of all ages, you’re certain to find yourself among like-minded people who share similar interests and life situations – the ideal recipe for forging meaningful connections on your travels. Intrepid even offer women-only expeditions that focus on empowering local women, hearing their stories and seeing the world through their eyes, venturing with an all-female cohort to less-travelled places and confidential women’s spaces that can’t be accessed on a conventional trip.

Good Views

Travel is about changing your perspective, seeing the world from a different angle – and Intrepid knows just where to get the best views. From the peak of Kilimanjaro to the far reaches of the Inca Trail, from the icy vistas of Antarctica to Indonesia’s most breathtaking rivers, volcanoes, temples and reefs, they’re not afraid to go off the beaten track to show you the world’s most beautiful places. But it’s not just about snapping great pics for your Insta: your expert local guide reveals aspects beyond what meets the eye, taking you to see the wildlife up close and meet the local communities firsthand, all always providing unforgettable insight on the land, the people and their unique way of life.

Good Food

Any seasoned traveller knows that if you want to experience a place, you should take a seat at the table: just as food nourishes the body, it’s also a lifeline to the heart of a culture. While every Intrepid trip features the opportunity for delicious meals and culinary encounters, their repertoire of specially curated Real Food Adventures puts flavour first, diving deep into the gastronomic traditions of the world’s best culinary destinations through hands-on cooking lessons, market tours and memorable meals lovingly made by locals. Stroll the markets of Oaxaca and grab street tacos in Mexico City. Take an obanzai cooking class and sip sake right at the brewery in Japan. Feast on chaat, thali, chai and paratha, and share home-cooked meals in rural homes across India. It doesn’t get more authentic than this.

Good Vibes

With Intrepid, you’re not just in good company – you’re with a company that does good: Intrepid is a certified B Corp, dedicated to making only a positive impact on the people and ecosystems that host their transformative journeys. Through community-based tourism practices, like homestays, visits to locally owned businesses and support for social enterprises, Intrepid gives back to communities and ensures that the people who inhabit them can continue to preserve their way of life. Through ethical wildlife tourism, they contribute to environmental protection and conservation efforts, and they’ve been carbon neutral for more than 13 years, following science-based targets aimed at doing their part to limit emissions. They’ve even founded the not-for-profit Intrepid Foundation and raised over AUD $12 million for social and environmental initiatives across the globe since 2002, aiding in land restoration in Australia, wildfire relief in Hawaii, poverty-reduction for Maasai women in Kenya, refugee housing in Greece and much more. A journey that enriches your life and the world around you? That’s truly as good as it gets.

Good Deals

Book your Intrepid trip before 31st October to earn 7% cashback (up to £150) with your Amex card. Remember to enrol and save the offer first on your Amex app! (Offer valid only for UK cardmembers.)

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