True luxury takes flight with The Constellation Collection, the first-ever partnership between world-class air carrier Etihad Airways and Italian design firm Armani/Casa. Starting in December 2022, Etihad guests will delight in a premium travel experience enhanced by beautiful dining ware and sumptuous fabrics, all dreamed up in collaboration with Giorgio Armani himself.

Beautiful, understated and elegant – like all Armani creations – The Constellation Collection includes a brand-new, refined dining service featuring glassware, cutlery and serving ware designed with clean lines, tactile finishes and embossed geometric patterns to make in-flight meals feel more like a restaurant-quality experience. Rendered in various textures and materials to reflect the cultural diversity of the United Arab Emirates, the colours of the collection are meant to evoke the beauty of Abu Dhabi: the dark green hues of date palm trees, the aquamarine tones of the mangrove forests, and the cool slate grey of the city’s iconic skyline.

After dinner is served, a moment of repose is in order. The Constellation Collection offers guests premium textiles to make turn-down time feel like a dream, with matching pillowcase and duvet sets featuring the signature luxury feel of Armani/Casa creations. Guests on longer flights, meanwhile, will be lulled to sleep by the incredible comfort of Etihad’s new cutting-edge memory foam mattress.

Bespoke in-flight service and refinement have rarely looked so good – or been so sustainable. The Constellation Collection was made using only the most high-quality materials and innovative methods, resulting in a 10% reduction of equipment weight that translates into less fuel burn and fewer emissions with each flight. Moreover, in keeping with Etihad’s Emirati spirit, materials were sourced locally wherever possible.

An in-flight experience crafted by one of the world’s top airlines and one of its most sophisticated heritage labels, The Constellation Collection checks all the boxes – from sustainability to comfort and indulgence. It’s everything one would expect from a marriage of Italian elegance and Middle Eastern luxury.

Discover more, and take to the skies with Etihad, here.

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