Growing up in California as the daughter of models Pamela Cook and Robert Wasser, Lauren Wasser seemed destined to follow in her parents’ graceful footsteps. Until a life-threatening battle with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) led to the amputation of both of her legs and, seemingly, the loss of her identity.

Nearly 10 years, many physical therapies and countless struggles later, Lauren is now a force to be reckoned with – not only on the catwalk, on the basketball court and at major marathons, but also in the realm of activism. ‘The Girl with the Golden Legs’ uses her hard-won success and celebrity as a platform to raise awareness about tampon-related TSS, and to champion for change in the tampon industry for the safety and health of those who rely on these necessary hygiene products.

Street photographer Rei Shito spotted Lauren at a fashion show not long ago, and couldn’t resist capturing a photo of the stylish activist in her element.

Rei says: “I had the pleasure of photographing model Lauren Wasser at the Sacai show during Paris Fashion Week in September.

“She looks radiant in a sporty white outfit with her toned belly showing. The white provides a crisp canvas for the other pops of colour in her ensemble: the rich Bordeaux red of her oversized Sacai jacket really catches the eye and frames the look, while also resonating in the red Nike swoosh on her sneakers – a collaboration between Nike and Sacai. Meanwhile, the beige at the top of the jacket harmonises with the gold tone of her prosthetic legs. 

“I was drawn to the way her look exudes vitality, and the seamless, natural way she incorporates her prosthetics into her overall fashion statement.”

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[Portrait Rei: Jun Tamura]

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