While it often plays fourth fiddle to frenetic capital Tokyo, cultural colossus Kyoto and artistic hub Osaka, Nagoya is a city worth taking in. 

The draw for motoring enthusiasts is clear of course, given the city’s deep ties to the automotive industry, but it also offers much for enthusiasts of style and shopping. So between visiting the iconic Nagoya Castle, strolling around the serene Atsuta Shrine and savouring the famed regional cuisine, any fashion fiend would do well to carve out some time for checking out a few of the city’s best independent shops. Here, Rei Shito shows us a sampling of Nagoya stores that belong on your radar, from a charming vintage boutique to a cool multi-store shopping complex with a cohesive vibe.


Rei says: “When I went to the Litmus store in Osaka, featured previously, the buyer I spoke to told me they have another store in Nagoya, so I had to visit. Litmus is such a fashionable place, and the Nagoya shop staff is lovely, as you can see in the video. This time around I bought a pair of trousers from the brand Kishidamiki, but it’s really hard to choose just one thing – there are so many beautiful items!”

Uneven Hub Store

Rei says: “I can’t recall exactly where I first heard about this place – maybe a feature in a men’s fashion magazine or something – but I’m glad I did. It’s a really neat complex of different shops, where you can find a wide variety of items. There’s the cosy lifestyle shop, the cool ‘select’ shop, the just-for-fun shop… and tasty coffee. In the video, I speak to the complex’s director Gen Yasui, who explains the concept behind the hub and how it all comes together.”


Rei says: “This is a unique specialty store that my friends told me about, selling primarily vintage pieces and contemporary brands that are rare to find elsewhere in Japan. The store’s items are curated by the owner, Yuki Ozaki, who has a keen aesthetic sense. I’m particularly drawn to the vintage clothing, and I bought the vintage silver skirt that you can see in the video at 13:07.”


Rei says: “Witch is a fascinating vintage shop that was recommended by my Instagram followers when I asked for their Nagoya tips – and it did not disappoint! Owner Mayumi Miyake has amassed quite the collection of beautiful and unusual items from around the world and across different eras. I love her feeling for style, plus she’s just a lovely character with a great sense of humour. I didn’t end up buying anything in this shop, and I really regret it. If I could, I would buy everything in there!”

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