Ask people if they keep a diary – even ask them what they think of diary keeping, and you are likely to hear an extraordinary variety of opinions. It’s likely the majority will dismiss diaries as an anachronism in today’s endlessly connected Siri-, Alexa- and app-driven world. You might also hear that diaries are for grandparents, historical figures or, at best, are a fading memory from their childhood. However, catch people at the right moment and with their guard down, and a surprisingly high number will confess that they have kept diaries at different stages of their life, or they might express curiosity about the therapeutic potential of carving out some daily digital downtime and putting their thoughts and anxieties on paper.

So, whether you’re a diary aficionado, a sceptic or even simply just open to consider new, alternative methods of keeping a daily journal, take our easy test and discover what diary type you are and how you could benefit from documenting your daily journey through this thing called life…

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