The festive season is here, bringing with it a full schedule of fancy dinners, posh parties and chic soirées for many of us, whether it’s the annual office social, New Year’s bash or just a holiday dinner à deux where you want to look your best. But before you start compulsively clicking the ‘check out’ button in every online shop, why not take stock of what you already own? Because let’s face it, you won’t be wearing that sequinned dress, tulle skirt or sparkly jacket again anytime soon. 

Indeed, there are tons of ways to look merry and bright without the usual splurge. We’ve rounded up 10 tips, tricks and outfit ideas for every taste and setting that can easily be mixed and matched, using items you already have in your closet.

Try A New Colour Combo

When looking for new outfit ideas, the answer could be as easy as hitting ‘refresh’ on your colour palette. Pairing together different hues and shades in unexpected ways is not only extremely easy, but also a no-cost way to revamp your go-to outfits – the trick is to know which combinations are fashionable and expensive-looking. 

For instance, if you’re familiar with the colour wheel, you’ll know that colours opposite each other on the wheel usually go well together. And because it’s the holiday season, red and green are your first bet – it doesn’t get any more festive than that! However, avoid looking like a living Christmas tree by choosing deeper, nuanced shades like burgundy and olive or crimson and emerald. Another trick is to add a neutral colour between the green and the red, or to select a red or green piece with a print instead of solid. This will break the colour block and tone down the holiday explosion. 

If you want to stay away from the colour blocking all together, red-and-green plaid paired with any neutral will have the same effect.


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Another, much bolder combination is pink and yellow. Even though these aren’t the usual holiday colours, it’s definitely a bright, mood-boosting mix. Fuchsia is one of the trendiest colours of this year’s autumn/winter season, and the addition of muted yellow tones will pare down the intensity of the colour. You can opt for a head-to-toe pink look with yellow accessories or shoes, or mix and match pink and yellow pieces for some fun colour-blocking.

However, if flashy colours aren’t your thing, go for a monochrome look that’s still full-on festive with a white and silver combination. It’s a simple take on a clean, minimalist look – and also holiday-friendly. You can opt for an all-white look and just add sparkly silver accessories, or take a bigger risk by playing with textures, like wearing white faux fur with silver beading, or white fuzzy knits with silver sequins. Winter white never looked so glam.


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Amp Up Your Loungewear

After endless months of wearing loungewear non-stop, we’re finally ready to dress up in our fanciest, chicest clothes… right? Maybe not entirely? Ready or not, we can meet halfway. There are a few things you can do to take your comfy loungewear sets to the next level and make them party-ready. 

Ever heard of ‘party pyjamas’? We didn’t make it up, but we’re not complaining either. Glam up your velvet or silk pyjamas by tucking them in, adding heels and accessorising. We bet no one will know.

Or, if that feels too bold for you, you can still wear part of a loungewear set and mix it with more formal pieces. Take your silky pyjama top and pair it with your favourite skirt or a pair of trousers. Or slip into your loungewear bottoms, and add a nice jumper or a fitted blazer with a pair of strappy heels. Whatever you choose, you can feel good about giving that LBD a break this year.

For a daytime event, when wearing your sleepwear seems a bit off, you can still pull off the ‘lounging all day’ vibe by donning your preferred nap dress – that is, an oversized, flowy dress you could perfectly lounge around in all day (and, as the name implies, even wear for your afternoon siesta). Just combine it with a nice pair of booties, and accessorise accordingly.  


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Be Basic

While we’re already using literally any piece in our closets for a holiday look, don’t forget the most versatile pieces of all: Take your basics and transform them into glammed up versions of themselves. 

For example, a bulky cardigan is a winter must, but instead of going for the frumpy, relaxed look, spice it up by cinching with a belt instead of buttoning. It’s not only flattering for the silhouette, but also the simplest way to look more elegant and put-together overall. This season’s belt trends are wide belts, perfect for giving the illusion of an hourglass figure, and chain belts that can be worn either at the natural waistline or towards the hips. 

Another basic you probably have lying around in your closet is a blazer. And while it’s usually a good outerwear piece to complement the rest of an outfit, it can also be an outfit all by itself. If it’s long enough, try wearing your blazer as a dress, cinched with a belt and worn with knee-high boots for a structured yet delicate look. Or mix and match with a pair of suit trousers – perfect for an office party, but stylish enough for off-duty events, too. Just make sure the trousers have a slim fit, and wear the blazer buttoned up. Add delicate accessories and heels to counterbalance the menswear vibes with a more feminine touch.

Luxe Up Your Layers

After all, it’s winter, so layering is a no-brainer. But what and how you layer can make all the difference when it comes to looking posh. The easiest option for winter layering in style is adding a sweater vest to the mix; it’s the perfect piece to add warmth and pull the entire outfit together. And you can throw it over literally anything – from button-down shirts to maxi dresses, a plain white t-shirt, or as a top by itself – it looks great with anything and adds a touch of flair. 

For a more flattering and unexpected effect, wear a vest in a contrasting colour than the bottom part, wear a scarf in a matching pattern, or wear it under a chunky cardigan for extra warmth. Just know there’s a vest for every style and personality: a white knit vest for a classic look, kitschy prints for the bolder types, leather vests for an edgier vibe, and so on.


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And just because you have to bundle up for lower temperatures, it doesn’t mean you have to completely forget about your favourite pieces from other seasons. Who says you can’t wear a fancy summer skirt or spring sundress in the coming months? By simply adding long sleeves, any hot weather outfit becomes viable for colder days, too. Add a fitted turtleneck underneath or throw a chunky jumper over it, combine with tights and a pair of loafers or boots, and you’re winter-ready. Or, going back to basics, add a fitted blazer or a faux leather jacket into the mix. As a final touch, wear a cardigan or jumper draped over your shoulders – not only is it smart to keep another layer at hand, but it looks effortlessly preppy and chic.

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