Of the many things we’ve collectively learned over the last three intense years, perhaps the greatest is the sense that we are finite. There is simply no way to see and do everything we’d like to in this life, so we must be more careful about how we choose to spend our time and resources. And this goes double for travel, a pastime that has the power to broaden our minds, if done right, but which also carries immense cost for ourselves and for the planet.

Regardless of what your Instagram feed seems to think, more and more people are catching on to what true travellers have known all along: the point isn’t to bounce around the globe collecting passport stamps like so many Pokémon. Travel best benefits the traveller when done mindfully and discerningly, seeking depth of experience rather than breadth of bucket list.

Of course, getting to the heart of a destination requires more research and forethought than just showing up to snap pics in front of famous stuff. That’s where we come in. If you’re boarding the ‘slow travel’ train with us this year, but aren’t sure what kind of authentic experience suits you best, all you have to do is take this quiz.

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