Ask any stylista, and they’ll tell you that metropolitan streets are the best places to seek fashion inspiration each season. Here, seven savvy scouts reveal what’s trending on the asphalt in their towns.

Dressing Up And Down

Candice Lake of candicelake.com, London, United Kingdom
“London style is all about marching to the beat of your own drum, and that’s what makes it so exciting to photograph. People are not afraid to take risks, and individuality is revered. Girls tend to push the limits of what’s acceptable: it’s not uncommon to see someone wearing a party dress or an evening gown in the day with a leather jacket thrown on top. Mixing colour and wild prints isn’t scary, either, and everyone loves a good vintage find – either from a thrift store or their mother’s closet. Style is defined by how creatively one wears and pulls the pieces together – mixing designers, high street and vintage pieces to create a unique look.”

A Modish Mash-Up

Nick Chan of Cut and Copy, Hong Kong, China
“While Hong Kong may not be regarded as the leader of boundary-pushing fashion, the fashionable crowd stays trendy by mixing high-end designer labels with vintage items and locally designed wares. As a cosmopolitan melting pot, the city adopts its style from all four corners of the globe — from the Harajuku-esque lolita to the coffee-loving hipster. With the growth of social media, the local people have become increasingly aware of street style trends, and sportswear is leading the way in comfortable, everyday dressing.”

London street style
Hong Kong street style

The Original Sporty Chic

Sabrina Fenster of Street Scout, Vancouver, Canada
“On the laid-back sidewalks of Vancouver, just about anything goes. And while ‘sporty chic everything’ is trending the world over, it’s been ingrained in our local culture for many years. Here, our style is really influenced by our surroundings: mountains, oceans and forests. Trading in heels for sneakers and femme jackets for bombers never goes out of style. Taking the sporty trend to the next level, the fashion set may pair a hooded sweatshirt with a faux leather vest, long dress and booties or an easy, structured and long-lined silhouetted coat with Adidas track pants. The result is effortless chic.”

Working The Quirk

Christian Vierig of The Styleograph, Berlin, Germany
“When it comes to street styles, Berlin is quite international with influences stemming from all over the world, and it’s quite hard to pinpoint a single defining theme. Nevertheless, it would suffice to say that a city’s tastes in fashion go hand in hand with its open spirit. For the most part, people’s styles are liberal and easy-going. Everything is allowed. You see a lot of mixed patterns, vintage pieces and stylistic inconsistencies. Therefore, you are never really sure what you might find around the next corner. In a sense, that uncertainty is what makes fashion here really interesting.”

Fringe Binge

Acielle of Style Du Monde, Paris, France
“Two current trends I’ve spotted and like a lot are sport chic — a ’90s-inspired mixture of stylish clothes and sporty footwear from brands such as Adidas, Nike, Chanel, Dior etc. — and fringes. Fringes are everywhere, right from bags to jackets and skirts”.

Hued In

Myles Kalus of Keishikibi, Sydney, Australia
“The best current trend on the streets of Sydney is a mix of solid colours, black, and/or white outfits, regardless of garment type. Many are opting to go with monochromatic looks or having one-tone, one-colour pieces that they’ll mix-and-match with each other. Soft as well as bold colours paired with something black or white are prevalent at the moment.”

San Francisco street style
San Francisco street style

‘90s Knockouts

Liisa Jokinen of SF Looks, San Francisco, USA
“In San Francisco, I really enjoy the younger generation‘s colourful take on ‘90s fashion, from grungy layering (plaid shirts and ankle-length skirts) to sporty vibes (varsity jackets, bombers, cropped tops, sneakers, etc.). What’s also noticeable is the appreciation of American fashion heritage: young men seem to have a preference toward traditional American labels. It’s their way of saying ‘no’ to fast fashion and bad quality clothing, and in a way carrying on their grandfathers‘ styles. San Francisco has always been a hippie city, and its history and tradition are still visible here. However, it’s now taking on newer and more contemporary forms.”

Article by Purnima Shrinivas

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