Paulina Diazgranados

A global citizen originally from Cartagena, Colombia, Paulina loves to talk fashion, literature and travel. When she’s not nose-deep in a paperback, she’s out stuffing her face and travelling the world.


What’s the next big thing?
Well, as a pipe dream, global literacy.


What social media channel inspires you most and why?
I know my age is showing through this answer, but in all honesty it’s probably TikTok. Sure, there’s plenty of dumb, juvenile content, but it’s also where I go to learn a little bit about everything and anything. Recipes, travel tips, fashion inspo, fun science facts, you name it.


What website do you check first every day?
Definitely Twitter. It’s usually where I get my news, and I tend to check it while I’m still in bed. I scroll and scroll until I reach the last post I saw before falling asleep the night before.


How do you relax?
I like to drink wine. I’ll usually have two or three glasses while I do a face mask and listen to some fun music. And I also take a boxing class every once in a while, which really helps me let go of any tension or pesky feelings that might be bothering me.


Film or TV?
Definitely film. I’m a big fan of classic Hollywood films, but my favourites are definitely Before Sunset and Her. I’m also a BIG crier.


Books or ebooks?
Books, though I don’t like the smell of old books. I do, however, like the smell of brand new ones. I also have a really soft spot for illustrated children’s books. Couldn’t for the life of me tell you what my favorite book is, but people tend to come to me for book recs. If, at this moment, you asked me for books at the top of my head, I’d say The Age of Innocence, The Brief, Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, Love in the Time of Cholera, The Museum of Innocence, The Book Thief, On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous, Never Let Me Go and All The Light We Cannot See. You did not, in fact, ask, but I’m giving them to you anyways.


Wine or beer?
Wine, white. But I also really like beer, especially if it means going to a pub with my friends.


Street food or fine dining?
Am I allowed to say both? Amazing food can be found anywhere, as can disappointing food. And they both make for great, albeit different, experiences. What I definitely don’t like doing is having typical street food in a nice restaurant. Like, for instance, tacos should be eaten at a street post (or food truck, even), and I live by that.


Favourite place?
It’s too difficult to choose just one. I think the prettiest place I’ve ever been is probably Budapest, but I also really love loud, crazy cities like New York. I am also particular to Buenos Aires. I guess that means my favorite place is just any big, slightly (or not so slightly) messy city. No peace and quiet for me.


Your secret travel tip?
I’m a planner when it comes to travel. Not a micromanager – I don’t have a detailed schedule or anything – but I do extensive, in-depth research of each place I visit beforehand. So I’d say investigate. Or ask people who have already been there for suggestions. People whose criteria you can trust. That way you know the typical food you want to try, which places are just tourist traps, anything you need to look out for or be mindful of, etc.


Your three travel essentials?
– A smartphone with an international SIM card.
– Clothes that don’t wrinkle easily.
– A strong stomach.


Your essential luxury?
It’s gotta be either my skincare items or special (or first) edition books.